The happiest details sweep away the haze of life

The happiest details sweep away the haze of life

When there are often things in your life that are not going well, you feel annoyed, depressed, and even want to cry a lot. At this time, how can you quickly find happiness in the simplest way?

Canada’s “Global Mail” recently reported that a person named Neil Pace intends to help you find 1000 happy reasons, has found 470.

  Neil Pas is 30 years old and used to be very depressed because his wife left him and his friend committed suicide. This series of “unlucky” things made him extremely desperate, boring at home and crying for a Wednesday.

But after crying, he reluctantly discovered that there was a surplus of days, so he decided to create a “happy” website and write a happy thing every day for a total of 1,000 days.

The site has been created for 470 days, and 17 million people around the world have found happiness.

  The Globe and Mail has selected 30 of the most happiest things. They are all trivial things in life. Maybe you don’t pay attention to it. Once you remind you, you will feel that the world has become so beautiful.

  1, touched the pocket, and found that there is money inside.

  2, successfully catch up with the car or train that will leave.

  3, someone else presses the “open” button of the elevator door for you, waiting for you to come in.

  4, the phone rang, you picked up the receiver and found the person who was just thinking.

  5, ask someone to scratch your back, he scratched the most itchy part.

  6, suddenly remembered the phone number of the best friend when I was a child.

  7, you are going to buy something to cut prices.

  8, clean and peel off the sticky price tag.

  9, the clothes were stained, but easily washed away.

  10. Pick the thorn on your finger.

  11, listen to the barbecue on the grill to make a “squeaky” sound.

  12, throwing waste into the garbage bin at once, too accurate.

  13, thinking that today is Wednesday, it is actually Friday.

  14, talk with friends about star gossip.

  15, put the last piece of the pattern into the puzzle.

  16, the two socks taken out of the washing machine is just a pair.

  17, perfectly open an egg.

  18, received a letter, the address is handwritten.

  19. Empty your computer’s recycle bin.

  20, finally unlocked a dead knot.

  21, changed a new clean sheet.

  22, when you are flying, a large row of seats is yours.

  23, drink a glass of ice water in hot weather.

  24, after the snow, the first step on the footprints.

  25, eat the scrambled eggs made by my mother.

  26, opened a half-day car, all the way is green light.

  27, when you need to hug, get a warm hug.

  28, when you line up, your team is accelerating.

  29, the advertising time changed the channel, and the program just started when I returned.

  30, found that next birthday is Saturday or Sunday.