Six bad habits that cause constipation

Six bad habits that cause constipation

Constipation, many women now face this injury.

What to do when astriction?

Please do not rush to find a variety of treatments for constipation, we must find the culprit that causes constipation.

As long as the cause of constipation is found, we can fundamentally resolve the constipation leak.


hzh{display:none;}  该排便的时候不排,总是忍着  早饭后过了30多分钟,隐隐约约感到有了便意,本来想坐在马桶上从容大便的,可是看看表,快late.

Is it pulling or not?

While hesitating, an angry face had emerged from his mind. Whose?

Of course the boss.

Finally had to give up the stool and hurried to the unit.

There should not be a small number of professionals who have experienced this experience.

Also, I felt comfortable taking the subway or driving, but I had no choice but to bear it.

I thought that when I got to the unit, I would go to the bathroom immediately, but once I got to the unit, I had to hold a regular meeting and have a group discussion. After three minutes and five divisions, the morning passed so busy.

In the end, it was in this busyness that he was missed again and again.

  The problem is that I often endure inconvenience like this, which eventually leads to constipation.

In giving up again and again, the large intestine is becoming slower and slower in responding to the signals it sends, and gradually, it disappears.

Severely not even having a bowel desire.

So if you feel comfortable, you need to solve it immediately.

  There are always some people who use books or newspapers to go to the toilet. When you go to the toilet, you must take the book or newspaper.

This is actually a very bad habit.

When you have a bad stool, sitting on the toilet, looking at books and newspapers, looks very leisurely. However, many people may not know that after 10 minutes, if you are still sitting on the toilet, the pressure on the anus is urgentThis is how the health of the anus is quietly destroyed.

  It is best to defecate within 3 minutes, from sitting on the toilet to finishing excretion.

Beyond this time, hemorrhoids can easily develop if you work hard.

Therefore, we must abandon the idea: since sitting on the toilet, we must excrete, and we must excrete thoroughly.

No, no, no, we should be like this. After a certain period of time, we stand up decisively and leave the toilet.

Even if you have a discomfort afterwards, go to the bathroom and don’t sit on the toilet for too long.

  Often wearing a waistband or sculpting clothes At Nara Women’s University in Japan, a professor did such a research survey, which was aimed at female students wearing waistbands and female students without waistbands, and let them eat the same foodThe same amount, and then observe the amount of defecation, the research results show that girls wearing a waist belt and bras defecate a lot less than girls who do not wear this type of clothing.

The professor pointed out that the reason is that the tights passivate the parasympathetic nerves.

  Tights inhibit the parasympathetic nerves that regulate bowel movements, reduce the endocrine digestive juices, and in the small intestine, the power to push foods forward becomes weaker, so food residues take more time to go through the large intestine than normal.

The professor pointed out that it is very easy to produce constipation during this process.

Therefore, for women with severe constipation, try not to wear tights, especially when sleeping, and do not give too much restraint to the body.

  Constipation patients who drink very little water usually drink 8 a day?
10 glasses of water.

Especially in the morning, drinking a glass of warm water on an empty stomach can awaken the large intestine and stimulate the response to recovery.

In addition, 70% of stool is water. From this point of view, excess water transfer is very necessary to improve constipation.

Because if our body lacks water, the water in the stool will be absorbed by the large intestine, and as a result, the stool will become dry.

Hardened stools are difficult to lubricate through the rectum and anus, causing pain in defecation, causing injury to the anus, causing bad symptoms such as anal fissure.

  Regarding water intake, let’s start by drinking warm water or green tea.
Carbonated drinks such as colas and sodas that produce gas, as well as a lot of coffee and black tea with strong diuretic effects, will absorb the internal water of the body and help the reaction, so it is best to drink as little as possible.
  It is considered that constipation is not possible every day. Constipation is a state in which the stool stays abnormally within the initialization.

Medically, it is considered that constipation is caused by defecation 3 times a week and 30g per day.

But 3?
People who have not had a bowel movement for 4 days are not a big problem if there are no special abnormalities.

  If you have a bowel movement every day, but you have to use a lot of energy every time, if you have a long bowel movement, and you still have a feeling of disability or uncomfortableness afterwards, you should doubt whether you have constipation.

Of course, the amount of bowel movements varies from person to person. If you don’t feel particularly uncomfortable, you don’t have to stick to it once a day.

Defecation should also be smooth and comfortable. Abandon those expected obsessions, especially young girls of certain statures. It is easy to be misled by some misconceptions, unless you eat as much as you want.

In fact, it is most important to maintain a good mood and respect the laws of nature.

  It takes a day or two to take constipation medicines habitually. If you don’t have any instinct, you start taking constipation medicines. This habit is simply the enemy of health.

It is always effective at first, but once the time is extended, once the alternation occurs, it is necessary to increase the dosage in order to be effective. This dependence on constipation drugs will eventually lead to gradual weakness of peristalsis, even if you leave the drug,Almost can’t wiggle on their own.

Therefore, it is not necessary to take it. Do not take constipation medicine. If you want to eat it, you must take it under the guidance of a doctor.