[Practice of Pleurotus eryngii and pork fried dumplings]_ Common practice of Pleurotus eryngii and pork fried dumplings _ Practice of Pleurotus eryngii and pork fried dumplings _ How to make Pleurotus eryngii and pork fried dumplings

[Practice of Pleurotus eryngii and pork fried dumplings]_ Common practice of Pleurotus eryngii and pork fried dumplings _ Practice of Pleurotus eryngii and pork fried dumplings _ How to make Pleurotus eryngii and pork fried dumplings

We sometimes find that there are always a few people around me who like cooking, and regard cooking as a hobby of their own. Each dish is a successful work of our own. We should not always envy the talents of others. In fact, we can learn from ourselves., The following is the introduction of Xing Bao Bao Pork Frying Pan.

1 chop Pleurotus eryngii into small pieces.


2 Chop the forelegs into the meat.


1 Add salt, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce, thirteen incense and pepper powder to the meat.


2 Scallion ginger was smashed and soaked in water to make onion ginger water. I saved the trouble and directly put the onion ginger and water into the cooking machine to make juice.


1 Stir in one direction after adding.


Add the green onion ginger water 2 times, each time after the green onion ginger water and the meat are completely integrated, add the next time 7.

1 Mix the stuffing.


2 Pleurotus eryngii is first mixed with sesame oil, and then mixed with meat.


1 Take a dumpling skin and put in the right amount of filling.


2Cover the lid for half an hour.


Pack into your favorite look.


After the electric baking pan is preheated, add some oil and put the wrapped dumplings.


Wait until the bottom of the dumplings is fried hard and yellow, then pour in an appropriate amount of starch water.


Cover and fry.


Wait until the water is cooked and the bottom is golden.


Finished product Figure 17.

Dip the juice made from balsamic vinegar, sesame oil and red oil, take a bite, and keep your lips and teeth fragrant

Then hurry home and try it yourself in the kitchen!

[How many ways to make rice noodles]_Rice noodles_How to do_How to do

绫崇嚎鐢ㄧ背鍒舵垚锛岄暱鏉$姸锛屾埅闈负鍦嗗舰锛岃壊娲佺櫧锛屾湁闊ф€э紝浜庡紑姘翠腑绋嶇叜鍚庢崬鍑猴紝鏀惧叆鑲夋堡涓紝涓€鑸媽鍏ヨ懕鑺便€侀叡娌广€佺洂銆佸懗绮俱€佹补杈c€佽倝閰憋紝瓒佺儹鍚冦€傜矇涓濅笌鍏剁被浼硷紝浣嗗彛鎰熶笉鍚屻€備笅闈粙缁嶄竴涓嬬背绾跨殑鍋氭硶銆?1.The back and forth across the pan and the back and forth and the back and forth, and the back and forth, the back and back, the back and forth, the back and forth, the back and forth, the back and forth, the back, the back, the back, the back, the back, and the backWhat are you talking about?.鍑嗗鏉愭枡锛岄鑿滄礂鍑€鍒囩銆?.閿呴噷鏀炬按鐑у紑锛屽€掑叆涓€鍖呯背绾匡紝鍔犵洊娴告场涓夊垎閽熷悗锛岀敤绛峰瓙鎵撴暎锛屽啀鐩栦笂鐩栧瓙鐒栦袱鍒嗛挓锛屾崬鍑烘播骞叉按浠姐€?.You will be able to find out what is going on in the chain, and then click on the button and click on the button and click on the button to go to the top of the box.What is the world?.涓ぇ鐏紝鐢ㄧ瀛愪笉鏂炕鐐掔背绾裤€?.鐐掑寑鍚庯紝绋嶅井鍔犵偣姘达紝缁х画缈荤倰鑷虫按鍒嗘敹骞层€?.Are you afraid of being in trouble?2.Song Jing Jing Chong Chong Xuan Xuan Xie Xie Xing Xing Xuan Xing Xuan Xing Xuan Xing Shou Shou Xuan Xie Xie Zhe Song Song Songs: Awesome, Awesome, Awesome, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry, I’m Sorry紝鐩愶紝閱嬶紝閰辨补锛岀櫧绯栥€傚仛娉曪細1.What is the truth about Jiang Ling?閰歌彍鍒囩粏;钁便€佸銆佽荆妞掋€侀鑿滃垏鎴愭湯澶囩敤銆?.鍊掓补鍏ラ攨鐑х儹锛屼緷娆℃斁鍏ヨ姖楹汇€佸銆佽挏銆佽荆妞掔垎棣欙紝鍐嶆斁鍏ラ吀鑿滅倰棣欍€?.鍊掍竴纰楁按鍏ラ攨锛岀叜娌革紝鏀惧叆绫崇矇锛岀叜寮€銆?.鍔犲叆鐩愩€侀唻銆佺櫧绯栥€佸皯閲忛叡娌?(Qing Xia Xie Xuan Xing Zhuan Dang supplement)) 呼 呮 妈 鍧 囧 团 銆?5. What’s the difference? What’s the difference between the chain and the chain?杩 欑 杭 桭 綶 綫 観 技 浜 庝 尯 鍗 楀 璬 阌 呯 背 緾 水 绫 璫 蒎 荎 鍙  矖 鍙  粏 ?〃 テ。What is the best way to do it? How about 120 Chong Chow Chow?Adze Chu  Ya  Gan у Kun Cha ょ ) adze Chu  Ya  Gan 50 Weibi Renpuyenxuan Haolirenkuo  Guobenyenxun Qujinrenpin litigation Yuanzaowengyu 10 Weibi RenqijushiWhat are you doing?What’s the matter?(Key 娹 娊) 3 What is the difference between: ℃  綠 夊 悇 1 鍏 嬶 鎺 掇  姹?00鍏嬨€傚仛娉曪細1。Wei Guoaichanyun back Wankuangrenchan ч Wa Wanfengandui  Langpincunfou Benanguazun  Hao 10 Rouxianzhaben Chukewanfeng Anjieyongxi Yangyiaiping ‘Cun Juan?What is the difference between you and me?.鑲夊墎纰庯紝鍔犲叆涓€鐐圭偣姘翠娇涔嬪鏄撴暎寮€銆傛墍鏈夎敩鑿滄礂鍑€鎽樺ソ銆傞煭鑿滃垏瀵告锛岄吀鑿滃墎纰庯紝濮滃墎鎴愯尭锛屾帓楠ㄦ堡鐑у紑銆?.What’s the difference? I’m afraid that you’re not afraid of you. I’m afraid that I’m afraid that I’m going to use the girl’s soup.簭鏀剧洂锛屽捀閰辨补锛屾按鑵岃彍鏈紝鍐嶆斁鍏ョ背绾裤€傚緟娌稿悗涓嬮煭鑿滄锛岃睂璞嗗皷锛岃眴鑺斤紝绛夋堡鍐嶅紑銆傝捣閿呭墠娣嬪叆杈f娌广€傚€掑叆鏅€氬悆闈㈢殑姹ょ涓紝鐐圭紑涓婅懕鑺卞拰棣欒彍Hao Bian Bang?

[Practice of hand-shredded chicken in pot]_Hand-shredded chicken_How to make_Production method

[Practice of hand-shredded chicken in pot]_Hand-shredded chicken_How to make_Production method

Dry pot is a special kind of cuisine. This kind of cuisine replaces traditional alternatives or another innovative cooking method. There are many types of dry pots. Almost all dishes can be used to cook dry pots.Tear chicken is a classic dry pot dish, which is very popular in Hunan and Hubei. Then, what is the practice of hand pot chicken?

The dry pot was initially related to the eating habits of the villagers of Miao Village in Guizhou.

The villagers dug a small round pit in the center of the kitchen, added wood fire, and set an iron pot on it to cook and eat, while people sat around to eat.

This round pit is called a “fire pond”, and the iron pot on the fire pond gradually evolved into a dry pot.

In addition, from the original Guizhou native products, the hot pot gradually became popular in Guangxi, Hunan, and Hubei. These cities also invented various local special dry pot dishes. Among them, Hunan’s dry pot hand-torn chicken is widely popularfavorite.

Griddle hand shredded chicken is a local famous dish in Hunan Zhuzhou, belonging to the Hunan style.

Use salt to smash a chicken leg and shred it.

Scallion and ginger slices, cut dry peppers, wash small parsley and cut into long sections.

Heat the oil in the pot, stir-fry the onions and ginger first, and fry the dried peppers.

Pour in shredded chicken, stir well, add some soy sauce and salt, turn off the heat and add in celery and mix well.

Add to the wok and eat while heating.

The specific method is as follows: 1. One salted chicken leg, shredded.

2. Slice onion and ginger, cut dry pepper, wash small parsley and cut into long sections.

3. Heat the oil in the pot, first stir-fry the shallots and ginger, then stir-fry the dried peppers.

4. Pour in the shredded chicken, stir well, add some soy sauce and salt, turn off the heat and put in celery and stir well.

5. Add to the pot and eat while heating.

Note: 1. The chicken can be cooked to perfection. Do not overcook, or it will seriously affect the taste of the dry pot.

2, fried chicken can not be saved, you can fry the excess water in the chicken, it will be tender and tender, and the aroma will overflow, which will easily cause people’s appetite.

3. Add celery after turning off the heat, so that the fragrance of celery can be more prominent, while maintaining the nutritional content of celery.

Great Wall Motor (601633) November sales review: the structure is king after the first attack

Great Wall Motor (601633) November sales review: the structure is king after the first attack
At least once a month, the low-cost range models withdraw from the company’s November total sales of 11.520,000 vehicles, at least -13.1%; cumulative sales from January to November of 95.430,000 vehicles, +3 per year.8%.Wholesale decreases by 1 each year.There were 730,000 vehicles with double-digit peaks, mainly due to the aging of tires in some low-priced areas, and at the same time, the pipeline was further decompressed.Split by product price range, models below 11 million are reduced by 2 each year.300,000 vehicles, more than 11 million US dollars increased by 0.570,000 vehicles.See the main model below 110,000 yuan, H2, H6 sports / H6 Coupe, 无锡夜网 H4, F5 respectively decreased by 1 compared with the same period last year.19, 0.46, 0.26, 0.460,000, at least -79.3%, -31.0%, -50.6%, -65.3%. The chain was flat and the product structure continued to be upgraded. The company’s sales volume in November was basically flat and slightly increased by 0.1%, but the structure continues to improve.Since September, the company’s proportion of low-priced products has been steadily decreasing. From September to November, Great Wall Motor’s share of models below 11 million was 52.7%, 45.9%, 43.2%, close to the low of nearly two years, second only to January 2018 and May and June 2019.Specific price range: 1) M6 sales in low-end markets below 8 million1.590,000 vehicles, +4 chain.5%; 2) 8-11 million middle and low-end markets (H2, H6 sports / H6 Coupe, H4, F5, Euler, Fengjun 5/7) total sales 3.130,000 vehicles, -16 from the previous month.8%; 3) 11-14 million mid-end market (new H6, F7 / x, VV5) total sales 4.840,000 vehicles, +3 chain.9%; 4) Total sales of more than 12 million in the high-end market (gun series, VV6, VV7, H9, others)710,000 vehicles, +8 chain.9%. The highlights remain, the focus model is in line with the expected sales of 6,259 shells, +24.7%, steadily climbing the third month of listing; WEY series sold 10,450 vehicles, each time -8.2%, +0.8% is expected to turn positive by the end of the year; sales of hard-core off-road H in September exceeded 2000, reaching 2028 units, exceeding +101.6%, +29.3%, in line with our previous expectations, is expected to continue to stay above this level in the future. Stable and excessive, the fourth quarter results will maintain growth. Based on the current product status, we expect M12 sales to be 12 in 2019.10,000 vehicles, -9% a year; 35 sales in the fourth quarter of 2019.10,000 vehicles, at least -7%; 107 sales in early 2019.50,000 vehicles, + 2% a year.This predicts that the fourth quarter of 2019 will return the net profit of the mother to around 15 million US dollars, corresponding to a nominal profit of 6,000 yuan for the bicycle, taking into account the cost accrual, financial contributions and incremental rebates. Earnings forecast and investment rating: Reduce the company’s profit in 2019 to 44.2 million US dollars, maintaining a profit of 65/85 million US dollars in 2020/2021, corresponding to the current expected PE of 18/12/10 times respectively. The decrease in annual results was mainly due to the decrease in wholesale sales in November.Destocking, short-term initial optimization of channel structure, so maintain a “Buy” rating. Risk warning: the macroeconomic growth rate exceeds expectations; the growth of the passenger car market is weak; the sales of new models climb less than expected; the profitability of bicycles rebounds more than expected.

Huatian Technology (002185): 2019Q2 industry recovery is worth looking forward to

Huatian Technology (002185): 2019Q2 industry recovery is worth looking forward to

This 重庆耍耍网 report reads: There has been destocking and demand recovery since the second quarter of 2019, and orders for packaging and testing companies have rebounded significantly. We believe that the current industry inflection point has arrived.

The company’s orders in the third quarter were full, Unisem completed the consolidation and completed its international layout.

Investment Highlights: Maintain “Overweight” rating and raise TP to 8.

05 yuan.

The trade war and the gradual reduction of smartphones have led to a decrease in overall demand. In the first quarter of 2019, the packaging and testing companies all experienced an increase in revenue and net profit.

Since 2019Q2, the inventory has gradually been de-allocated and demand has been restored, and orders for packaging and testing companies have rebounded significantly.杭州夜网论坛

Adjust the company’s 2019-21 EPS forecast to 0.

14 (-30%), 0.

23 (-10%), 0.

26 yuan.

Taking into account the industry inflection point has been reached, give 2020 35 times PE, raise the target price to 8.

05 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

The turning point of the industry appeared, and the Huatian No. 3 plant experienced a significant pick-up in Q2: 1) Tianshui plant, the operating rate of 2019Q1 was about 80%, and the operating rate of 2019Q2 was increased to 90%. Currently, the order in 2019Q3 is full; 2) Xi’an plant, the operating rate of 2019Q1 is about 70%In 2019Q2, it will increase to 90%, and in 2019H2, it will be full production. It is expected to expand production capacity by more than 15%; 3) Kunshan factory, TSV and WLP are basically full production, and CIS packaging orders for built-in lens CIS and security lens for mobile phones are full.

Unisem completed the consolidation and strengthened the international layout: In January 2019, the company completed the delivery of Unisem equity.

Unisem’s main customers include Broadcom, Qorvo, Skyworks and other companies, and nearly 60% of its revenue comes from Europe and the United States.

Neutral consolidated revenue for H1 2019 is 8.

5.5 billion yuan, with a net profit of 20.67 million yuan.

Due to the increase in the acquisition of Unisem, the company’s H1 financial expenses in 2019 increased by 63 million yuan, and the estimated value added was amortized by 6.5 million yuan per month.

With the placement of funds and cash inflows from continuing operations, the company will repay the amount of mergers and acquisitions, and the financial expenses for 2019H2 are expected to decrease significantly from the previous quarter.

Catalyst: Domestic large customers continue to convert orders, and the operating rate continues to be fully loaded

Mount Everest, Tibet (600338): A rare and non-ferrous company with both zinc and lithium assessment and space

Mount Everest, Tibet (600338): A rare and non-ferrous company with both zinc and lithium assessment and space
Event: After entering 2019, A-shares continued to rise, and non-ferrous stocks stagnated, and their relative estimates are at historical lows.The Federal Reserve has temporarily suspended interest rate hikes, global liquidity has eased, and Sino-US trade frictions have eased. Domestic deleveraging has ended, and active fiscal stimulus has gradually been gradually implemented.The market’s expectations for improvement in the downstream industry’s downstream demand have strengthened, and the non-ferrous industry market has started from the current make up. Comment: Non-ferrous industry assessments continue to set historical lows.The non-ferrous metal industry has been declining for many years, which has caused the A-share non-ferrous industry to be at an historically low level. The current price-to-book ratio is only 2 times, the lowest value since 2004.The ratio of non-ferrous market P / B to Fengquan A’s P / B is 1.2. Continue to hit historical lows.The non-ferrous industry’s price-earnings 四川耍耍网 ratio is about 30 times, and it also belongs to the lowest position in more than 2001. Only 2005, 2006 and 2008 were lower than the current.Non-ferrous price-earnings ratio and Fengquan A price-earnings ratio is 1.7. At the same time continue to create new historical lows. Everest in Tibet is the lowest price-earnings ratio among non-ferrous listed companies.The median price-earnings ratio of the non-ferrous metal industry is 33 times.If we take the overall calculation of the top 35 resource companies that the industry has expected (total market value / total profit), the price-earnings ratio is about 44 times.Everest in Tibet is only 18 times.Non-ferrous industry median PBR is 2.65 times every year 3.8 times, Tibet’s Mount Everest 7.36 times, far higher than the industry’s highest, the reason for the high net profit ratio of Everest, Tibet.The high P / B ratio may be an important reason preventing some investors from buying Tibet Everest.The company with a higher P / B ratio caused the accounting treatment of Tazhong Mining in 2015.Tazhong Mining’s 2017 net profit reached 12.8ppm, net profit in the first half of 20186.0.8 billion yuan.However, it was estimated at 31 when it was acquired in 2015.500 million yuan.Because it is a major shareholder’s asset, no intangible assets such as goodwill and large mining rights will be generated. After the acquisition is completed, the company’s net assets will only increase by 8.300 million, well below 31.An estimated value of $ 500 million.If the value of mining in Tazhong is revalued and net assets are merged, there is no contradiction in the price-to-book ratio between Tibet Everest and Zhongjin Lingnan and Chihong Zinc and Germanium. Lead-zinc ore provides the company with a full estimation safety pad.The company’s core assets are Tazhong’s lead-zinc mine in Tajikistan, Asia’s largest single lead-zinc mine.The amount of ore resources is 8631 oxides, and the average grade of lead is 2.4%, zinc 3.05%, copper 0.14%, silver 37 g / t.Due to possible silver and copper, the mine’s gross profit margin in 2017 reached 73%.Because lead and zinc are bulk commodities, they have a strong ability to realize cash and provide the company with a large amount of cash flow.The company paid dividends twice in 2017 and 20183.800 million, a total of 7.600 million yuan.In addition, Tazhong Mining’s lead-zinc mines have good metallogenic conditions and great prospecting and storage potential, laying a foundation for the future expansion of the company’s lead-zinc mines.Taking into account the improvement in demand, zinc inventory is at an extremely low historical level. Zinc prices are expected to fluctuate at a high level in 2019, and Tazhong Mining will maintain a high profit.  The development of high-quality lithium resources provides sufficient growth space for the company.In April 2018, the company acquired a 100% stake in Lithium X, a Canadian GEM company, through a 45% share of NNEL at a low price, and the Lithium X 100% equity allocation was only 2.At USD 0.7 billion, the remaining 55% of the equity is expected to be injected into listed companies.The amount of lithium resources far exceeds 200 millimeters.Among them, SDLA Salt Lake, which holds 100% of shares, is located in the “lithium triangle” and has nearby mature projects of the three major lithium suppliers ALB, SQM, and FMC.SDLA has 200 indicators of resources, and its quality far exceeds that of domestic salt lakes that have been produced on a large scale.At the same time, it is developed in cooperation with the hatches of top international multinational companies and the Salt Lake Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.The cost of SDLA near the benchmark salt lake is extremely low. As long as the profitability is very strong, the current ton of battery-grade lithium carbonate is close to 30,000 yuan.  The lithium carbonate business still enjoys overvaluation of copyright.Although the price of lithium carbonate has fallen sharply, considering the rapid development of new energy vehicles, which has a huge pulling effect on the demand for lithium carbonate, the cumulative price-earnings ratio of leading lithium carbonate companies is about 40 times.If SDLA annually produces lithium carbonate 2 substitutes (assuming 100% equity) and the price of battery-grade lithium carbonate remains at 7 million tons, it will make a profit of 4.500 million US dollars, given a 30 times price-earnings ratio, the lithium carbonate business is estimated to reach 13.5 billion US dollars.  The company’s lead and zinc business contributed about US $ 1 billion in profits, providing a safe boundary for the company’s latest assessment; the lithium carbonate business provided the company with sufficient room for growth.Considering only the lead and zinc business, the company is expected to have a net profit of 10-2018.23, 10.8211.3.3 billion yuan, corresponding to a price-earnings ratio of 17, 16 and 16 times.Taking into account the release of the company’s salt lake capacity, the company’s profit in 2020 will continue to be improved.  Risk reminder: Lead, zinc, and lithium carbonate prices significantly reduce risks, political risks, weather and earthquakes and other uncontrollable factors, exchange risks.

Pregnant women do more yoga to help delivery (Figure)

Pregnant women do more yoga to help delivery (Figure)

Pregnant women practicing yoga can enhance physical strength and muscle tension, enhance the body’s sense of balance, and improve the flexibility and flexibility of the entire muscle tissue.

  In the first stage of pregnancy, any laborious physical exercises performed by pregnant women often fail to persist and eventually give up.

It is recommended that pregnant women start exercising from the 4th month of pregnancy.

For mothers who have no history of miscarriage and are active and healthy, as long as they feel ready, they can begin to do some gentle exercises to strengthen the body and increase muscle flexibility and tension.

  Throughout the pregnancy, pregnant women can practice different yoga poses, but it must be based on personal needs and comfort. Yoga practice varies from person to person and must be coordinated with the person’s physical condition.

  If you feel uncomfortable while practicing.

You can switch to an exercise position that suits you better.

  Pregnant women practicing yoga can enhance physical strength and muscle tension, enhance the body’s sense of balance, and improve the flexibility and flexibility of the entire muscle tissue.
At the same time, it stimulates the glands that control hormone secretion, increases blood circulation, accelerates blood circulation, and can control breathing well.

Practicing yoga can also pressurize and massage the internal organs.

In addition, yoga for the abdomen can help reshape your body after childbirth.

  Yoga is good for improving sleep, eliminating insomnia, and making people healthy and comfortable.

Form a positive and healthy attitude towards life.

Yoga also helps people make self-breakthroughs and bring their bodies together.

  But note that yoga is not the only way to make pregnancy and childbirth safer and smoother.

Yoga simply helps pregnant women exercise properly throughout the pregnancy.

“Delivery” consumes a lot of physical energy, so most pregnant women will feel horrified and disturbed before the birth of labor. This is normal.

Practicing yoga can make this process easy and simple and help pregnant women maintain a peaceful mindset before giving birth.

Chinese medicine to prevent flu

Chinese medicine to prevent flu

Traditional Chinese medicine has accumulated rich experience in the outbreak of influenza in clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine, and its effect on the current cold (flu) is positive.

You may wish to try Chinese medicine to cure flu.

  Chinese medicine prevention 1, adults (1) mulberry leaves 10 grams white grass root 15 grams honeysuckle 12 grams Function: clearing heat and lungs, adapting to the crowd: complexion redness, oropharyngeal, dry nose, hi cool, slightly dry stool, yellow urine.

  Decoction method: 1 payment per day, water decoction.

Once in the morning and evening, it is advisable to pay 3-5.

  (2) 10 grams of Su Ye, 10 grams of Pelan, 10 grams of Chenpi, 10 grams of functions: spleen and dampness to adapt to the crowd: dull and dull, often bloating, bowel defecation method: 1 payment per day, water decoction.

Once in the morning and evening, it is advisable to pay 3-5.
  (3) Daqingye 5 grams of purple grass 5 grams of raw licorice 5 grams Function: detoxification and heat removal Applicable people: complexion redness, oropharynx, dry nose, hi cold, slightly dry stool, yellow urine

  Decoction method: 1 payment per day, water decoction.
Once in the morning and evening, it is advisable to pay 3-5.
  It is recommended that different people take 3 doses continuously under the guidance of a physician, and 3 to 5 doses can be taken during a cold epidemic.

Can be taken widely during the flu epidemic.

  2. Children’s Aquilegia 6g Su Ye 6g Silver Flower 10g Raw Hawthorn 10g Function: Clearing heat and stagnation Adaptation to the crowd: Children are easy to pinch and pinch.

Such children are prone to “getting angry”, have a sour tone, and have stinky or dry stools.

  Decoction method: 1 payment per day, water decoction.
Once in the morning and evening, it is advisable to pay 3-5.
  Attention should be paid to taking Chinese medicine to prevent colds: 1. The elderly and children should take appropriate reductions under the guidance of a physician; 2. Patients with chronic diseases and women’s menstrual periods should be used with caution after delivery and supplemented by pregnant women;Generally take 3-5 days; 4, if you feel unwell during or after taking, you should stop taking the medicine immediately and consult your doctor in time; 5, if you have a history of allergies to the above drugs, take caution with allergies;, Remedies and prescriptions.

Walking speed determines lifespan?

Walking speed determines lifespan?

First, the more long-lived relatives in the family tree of longevity stars, the more genes you have for longevity in your body.

A study by scholars at Boston University School of Medicine found that at least half of the centenarians’ parents, siblings or grandparents, of whom more than 90 years of age.

  Second, the faster you walk, the faster you walk, and the longer the distance, the longer the physical endurance, which is expected to live longer.

Scholars from the University of Pittsburgh reviewed a total of 9 different research results, and the analysis was marked as: every increase in walking speed is 0.

At 1 m / s, the chance of death is reduced by 12%.

  Third, there are more friends. Leslie Martin of the University of California, Lasithela, believes that the possibility of longevity exists more among those who actively participate in civil activities, community public welfare activities, volunteer actions and more with family members, friends, colleaguesAmong the people.

  Fourth, you are a woman. Women are more likely to live longer.

In 2010, there were 80,000 centenarians in the United States, 85% of whom were women.

Experts believe that including estrogen in the body and normal menstruation will prevent it and reduce the possibility of cardiovascular disease in women.

  Fifth, the study of centenarians in the New England area of senior citizens shows that if a woman is naturally pregnant and has a child after the age of 40, she may be four times more likely to live to be a centenarian than an ordinary woman.

Researchers believe that women can conceive and have children when they are in their 30s and 40s, which means that her reproductive system function becomes slower than the average person.

  Six, when were you born? A 2011 longevity report released by the United Kingdom shows that people born in different ages have different life expectancies and are worth having and learning.

The report estimates that British girls born in 2011 will have a one-third chance to live to be a hundred years old, while boys born in 2010 will have a one-fourth chance.

  Seven, moderately worried but too late to pay attention.

Leslie Martin believes that those who always think that disaster is about to come, have a single perspective and are critical of themselves, will increase the possibility of premature death.

He also found that moderate fears halved the likelihood of death in any one year.

It is this kind of personality that makes people not easy to be impulsive and not adventurous. They always leave themselves a backtrack, which will lead to protection.

  Eight, not being overweight If you are not obese, your chances of longevity will increase.

The results of a study published by Einstein College of Medicine in 2011 were very unexpected. A follow-up survey of 477 long-lived people between the ages of 95 and 112 found that their only advantage was that they were suffering from obesity.May be low.

  Nine, a good lifestyle “Conservation” Genetic scientists have tested the blood samples of more than 400 people and found that the factors that determine life span determine the length of gene telomeres.

A diet that does not smoke, absorbs obesity omega 3 fatty acids, and performs 20 minutes of aerobic exercise every day can extend the length of telomeres.

  X. Positive optimism Scholars at Stanford University’s Longevity Research Center have found through long-term research that positive optimism about life can reduce the intensity of stress they endure, which in turn reduces the level of stress hormones and helps health.

24 hours oil control for combination skin_1

A comprehensive guide to 24-hour oil control for combination skin

In spring, MMs with mixed skin are either too dry on their cheeks or too oily in the T zone. I want to take care of both of them, which is really troublesome.

Do n’t worry, follow the steps explained by the editor to ensure that you can successfully control oil and not dry all day.


hzh {display: none; }  混合性肌肤 24小时控油全攻略 6:00  起床后,先去洗一个温水浴,让你的脸和全身都有一个清爽的开始。While cleaning the face, consider using a product suitable for combination skin to balance oil secretion.

These products feel refreshed after washing and they don’t dry out for two seconds.

If you have a facial scrub or exfoliating cleanser, you can use it about once a week. Do not overuse it to avoid stimulating the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil.

  24 hours oil control strategy 6:30 Use professional oil control products for oil control.

There are many T-zone oil control products on the market, which can permanently control the secretion of oil in T-zone and form a matt effect in T-zone.

T-zone oil control products, after applying the emulsion, wait until the previously applied emulsion is quick to dry before evenly applying the oil control powder gel cream.

Some products may leave white spots due to the relatively heavy floating powder, so be careful not to apply too thick.

  The 24-hour oil control strategy 6:40 is the focus of oil control this season.

In order to prevent oiliness and clogging of pores, you can replace fresh, oil-free sunscreens. They have a sun protection effect and can also give the skin a fresh feeling.

Of course, when choosing a refreshing sunscreen, you should recognize the Oilfree logo on the outer packaging.

  Applying a refreshing makeup is also an important step for oil control throughout the day. Do not use makeup products with excessive oil content. Instead, choose those anti-sweat mascara and liquid foundation that are more conducive to maintaining makeup for a long time.

  In addition, some oil control products can be used after makeup, or you can directly rub the oiled powder to reduce the possibility of oil panning; if the face is fully oiled, you can use VC, VB2, VB6 and other ingredients before applying makeupToner, it can effectively reduce oil secretion and prevent sebum from overflowing.

  24 hours oil control strategy 7:00 light breakfast is the secret to keep skin fresh for a long time.

Use vegetables and fruits instead of espresso and instant rice noodles, a pot of sweet fruit salad and a bowl of oatmeal to ensure you are full and not too greasy.

Of course, don’t forget to drink a large glass of cold water before going out.

  The bus is full of people. You may wish to bring a small bag of oil-absorbing tissue with you, so you can absorb the sweat and oil from your face at any time. Otherwise, it only takes an hour and the makeup of the whole body is complete.

  10:30 24-hour oil control strategy. Sitting in an air-conditioned office, I still feel stuffy and hot.

Unconsciously, two hours have passed, so use oil-absorbing paper to absorb the shine from the T zone.

Then take a refreshing spray from the veins that will moisturize the skin.

Especially in the air-conditioned environment for a long time, the moisture of the skin is easily taken away.

  The 24-hour oil control strategy is 12:00 during lunch time, which is still light.

However, in order to maintain working conditions in the afternoon, proper nutritional supplements are also necessary.

May wish to add some parsley that was rarely eaten before lunch, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, and at the same time clear blood, regular consumption has a good effect on alleviating the symptoms of oily skin such as facial blister.

  When starting work at 14:00, a 24-hour oil control strategy, first rush yourself to a cup of green tea, just to refresh yourself.

The book says that green tea can regulate the metabolism of the skin and the body, so that the skin is refreshed and not easy to produce oil.

  You can consider making a cold bitter gourd for dinner at 19:00 for a 24-hour oil control strategy. Although it is a bit bitter, it can reduce the heat and reduce the fire. It has a significant effect on improving the excessive secretion of oil.

Dinner should also be light, mainly full.

  24 hours oil control strategy 20:30 tired a day, it is time to take a good rest.

But don’t sleep on this, important work has not been done yet.

  After a day of running, the skin must also be tired, so let it relax first.

Take a bath. Of course, remove makeup with makeup remover, then wash off the oil on your face with a mildly acidic cleanser, then use astringent lotion for a second cleansing.

Be careful not to use astringent water with alcohol content, as it may irritate the skin.

Next, you can apply an oil-removing mask.

This oily transparent mask made specifically for oily skin contains astringent granules, which is especially effective for skin oiliness, and can thoroughly dissolve and remove dirt and oil deep in pores.For example, the mineral particles of the original mud sea mud mask have a better adsorption effect, which can adsorb the dirt in the deep pores, so that the skin is deeply cleaned and the pores are delicate; while those tear-type masks also have a better cleaning effect, only one weekJust use it once.

  Experts say that when the human body is under excessive pressure, emotional tension, tiredness, and hormonal imbalance, the skin will become unbalanced and there will be excessive oil secretion.

Therefore, pay attention to the daily habits of rest and rest, not to stay up late.

After reading a novel you like for a while, you are ready to sleep.