[How to save the leftover watermelon]_Save method_How to save

[How to save the leftover watermelon]_Save method_How to save

When summer comes, watermelon is the favorite thing people eat.

Watermelon also has a lot of benefits, just like watermelon can reasonably release stress and relieve just fatigue.

Furthermore, watermelon can also help urinate and defecate.

However, one may not finish eating watermelon in summer, so how to save the leftover watermelon is a question worth thinking about.

Here are a few ways to save watermelon.

The first is that you can refrigerate the watermelon after it is eaten, and you can store it in the refrigerator when you ca n’t finish it. The specific method is to put a layer of plastic wrap on the surface of the cut watermelon and put it in the refrigerator’s refrigerator.This way, watermelon can be preserved for about one day without deterioration, and it is relatively fresh when taken out, but here we remind everyone that the knife should be clean when cutting watermelon, otherwise the bacteria on the knife will stick to the surface of watermelon, and the bacteria will also be stored in the refrigeratorBreeding will induce watermelon spoilage.

The second type is cut watermelon. Freshly cut watermelon can only be stored in the refrigerator when stored at room temperature. However, the taste will change when you take it out, which makes people feel less fresh.

In fact, cut watermelons are kept freshest at room temperature.

When saving, you need a pot of fresh cold water, and then put the cut watermelon into the water, the amount of water should not be too much, let the watermelon float on the water, and then change the water three to four times a day, so the saved watermelon on the next dayIt feels particularly fresh when eaten.

The first is the disadvantages of low-temperature preservation of watermelons. Although the refrigerator freezer can save the cut watermelon so that it does not spoil, some nutrients in watermelon will be lost in large quantities at low temperatures, especially some natural antioxidants.The ingredients are more convenient. If you want to better absorb the nutritional ingredients in watermelon, we recommend that you don’t plan to be comfortable in the summer and eat refrigerated ice watermelon.

It is important to note that cling film is not a panacea.

Sometimes air leaks in and brings in bacteria.

Experts remind that it is best not to put the cut watermelon in the refrigerator for more than 12 hours, and the longest should not exceed 24 hours.

[How to drink hawthorn brown sugar water?

]_ Recommended diet

[How to drink hawthorn brown sugar water?
]_ Recommended diet

  Hawthorn has many effects, in addition to strengthening the spleen and appetizing, it has certain effects on promoting blood circulation and regulating blood stasis and regulating the spleen and stomach.

When eating hawthorn, it must be accompanied by brown sugar, which can treat debilitating body, weak constitution, open up blood and blood, and promote blood circulation.

For women’s dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, menstrual replacement symptoms have a certain effect, can also prevent excessive leucorrhea, so the effect of hawthorn brown sugar water is very high.

  Wash the hawthorn first to remove the nucleus. You can use a concave-convex mold to directly insert the yam branches to the end through the perforation method. This will ensure the perfect shape of the yam and remove the middle part.It will be cleaner and more hygienic, so it is more suitable for this method.

  Hawthorn and brown sugar are proportional. Seven hawthorns are mixed with brown sugar and a bowl of water and stewed in a pot. It can be cooked for half an hour. If you have a steamer, you can also cook it directly in the steamer. I like soup.You can add two bowls of water and put it on a large container, but be sure to boil the water and stew it in a pot. This will taste better.

  For women with dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation, you can cut some shredded ginger when hawthorn brown sugar is stewed, because ginger can heat up and prevent colds, and it helps to adjust the body’s resistance. After steaming in a steamer, stir itConsumption, rich and delicious, delicious fragrance, and the hawthorn is very savory. After eating, it can avoid indigestion.

  The hawthorn stewed brown sugar itself can use appetizers, and the effect of hawthorn is to strengthen the spleen and appetizers, which is more suitable for some people with special constitutions. It is also very simple to make. Hawthorn water in a medium heat pot will drink better.Also choose fresh, preferably fresh hawthorn, which will have a stronger flavor.

[How to make chestnut cake is the best?

】 _How to do_How to do

[How to make chestnut cake is the best?
】 _How to do_How to do

Chestnut is a kind of nut. It contains a lot of nutrients. There are many things whether it is eaten by adults or children.

And in many high-end hotels, chestnut is not an ordinary food, but another very popular ingredient.

With the addition of chestnut in many small amounts, the taste will be better and the nutrition will be richer.

So, how to make chestnut cake?

Ingredients for delicious chestnut cake: 300 grams of flour, 100 grams of chestnut kernels, 5 ml of lard, 2 grams of yeast, 5 grams of caster sugar, 5 grams of black sesameuse.

(If there is no cooking machine to break the chestnut kernels, you can put the chestnut kernels in a food bag and crush them with a rolling pin) 2. Add the yeast powder to the flour and add water to form the dough (the dough state is “three-light”, flour-shaped, handLight, pot light), let stand for 20 minutes, add chestnut powder with some lard (can be used as salad oil or paste) and white sugar to knead the chestnut ball.

3. Divide the dough into 6 equal parts and roll into a dough with a rolling pin.

4. Add the right amount of chestnut filling to the dough.

5. Close the mouth and knead into buns.

6, with the mouth of the bun facing downwards, use a rolling pin to roll into a sheet, roll up along the side, sprinkle flour, roll again and flatten with the palm of your hand.

7, sprinkle some black sesame seeds.

8, 70% of the oil in the pan is hot, put the cake base, and brush oil on both sides.

9, pancakes to golden brown on both sides can be out of the pan.

10. The effect of serving on the table is really good. Friends who like it can make it and make a delicious meal for yourself!

In our country, many ethnic groups have the habit of eating chestnuts.

Chestnut is a Chinese specialty, known as the “King of Dried Fruit”, and it is also called “Ginseng Fruit” abroad.

Sweet and delicious chestnuts have been a precious fruit since ancient times, and they are the best among dried fruits.

Chestnut has a high starch content and high nutritional value. It has the effects of nourishing the kidney, strengthening the spleen, strengthening the body, strengthening the bones, and nourishing the stomach and the liver.

[How to make potato lotus root cake]_Homemade potato lotus root cake_How to make potato lotus root cake_How to make potato lotus root cake

[How to make potato lotus root cake]_Homemade potato lotus root cake_How to make potato lotus root cake_How to make potato lotus root cake

People are inseparable from the moment they are born. We eat a lot of things in our lives, and diet is closely related to our physical health.

Many patients in reality are “eating”.

Therefore, eating well can not only beautify your skin, but also prevent disease.

Below, I will introduce the recipe of potato lotus root cake.


Chop the meat a few times with a knife to make a finer meat paste.

Put in a large bowl, add soy sauce, cooking wine, and salt and stir well.

Add another egg and stir clockwise.

Marinate for 10 minutes.


1 Peel the potatoes, cut into small pieces, steam for 20 minutes and grind them into a mashed potato with a spoon.

Keep cool.

(Forgot to take pictures, haha) 4.

1 Mix the meat, carrots, lotus root, mashed potatoes, add salt, pepper, and stir well.

Helps to make a big ball.


2 Cut the lotus root into pieces and set aside.

Put the oil in the pan. After the oil is hot, manually press the big meatballs into a round cake shape and fry in the pan.

After introducing all the steps of potato lotus root cake, you must have basically mastered it.

So what you have to do next is to do it yourself. Only through continuous practice can you achieve real food.

N China Resources Micro (688396) Company In-Depth Research Report: Power Semiconductor Specialist Zhizhi Special Process Industry Specialization

N China Resources Micro (688396) Company In-Depth Research Report: Power Semiconductor Specialist Zhizhi Special Process Industry Specialization

Red chip science and technology main board market, rooted in semiconductor manufacturing technology, red chip science and technology board listed, high-quality companies return to A shares: China Resources Microelectronics was established in January 2003, with a total of 8 issued shares.

7.9 billion shares, the total share capital of the company after this issuance is 12.

1.6 billion shares (do not consider the impact of the follow-up green shoe mechanism on the total equity).

China Resources Microelectronics has a clear shareholding. The only shareholder before the listing was CRH (Micro), which holds 100% of China Resources Microelectronics. Its actual controller is China Resources.

At present, the company has 2 8-inch wafer production lines, 3 6-inch wafer production lines, 2 packaging test production lines, 1 integrated production line, 3 design companies, domestic enterprises with complete semiconductor industry chain, and special manufacturing processesLeading domestic technology leaders.

The company’s products and solutions adopt the IDM business model. According to our industry chain research, the design and development of power semiconductors and other products need to be closely integrated with the manufacturing process and packaging process. The IDM business model can better integrate internal resource advantages, which is more conducive toBased on the accumulation of technology and formation of product groups, and customized high-efficiency special processes based on customer needs to customize domestic MOSFET leading manufacturers, import substitution space is sufficient for downstream applications, and import substitution space is sufficient: From the perspective of the global competitive landscape, high-end MOSFETs and IGBTs are still importedMainly, data from Infineon’s fiscal year 2019 can be polished, and 35% of its sales to China have become its largest market.

The domestic power semiconductor discrete device industry started relatively late, but benefited from huge terminal consumer demand and the market size has grown rapidly. We believe that domestic terminal manufacturers are undergoing import substitution and related power device manufacturers are expected to usher in opportunities for gold development.

According to statistics from IHSMarkit, the company ranks third in the Chinese MOSFET market in some ways, second only to international companies such as Infineon and ON Semiconductor, and is the largest domestic MOSFET manufacturer in China.

   In the field of IGBT-specific consumer electronics industrial control, companies with obvious technological advantages have accumulated a lot of core technologies with independent intellectual property rights in the field of IGBT devices and manufacturing processes. The patent covers multiple IGBT device structures and process flows, including 600V-6500V multiple voltage platformsCan improve product reliability and product performance, currently has an expanded competitive advantage in the market.

The company’s IGBT devices have a wide range of applications in consumer electronics, industrial control, and new energy. At the same time, they also benefit from domestic alternative accelerators, and have long-term, stable market demand.

  The prospects of SiC and GaN are expected, and the leading advantage of R & D will be increased. SiC can manufacture high-withstand voltage, high-power power electronic devices such as MOSFET, IGBT, SBD, etc., which are used in industries such as smart grids and new energy vehicles.

Yole data shows that the compound annual growth rate of the SiC power component market from 2017 to 2023 is 31%, and it is expected to exceed $ 1.5 billion by 2023. Applications include motor drives, charging infrastructure, electric vehicles, solar photovoltaic, subways, etc.
From the point of view of application, what is different from SiC is that the core application of GaN is power.

Yole data points out that the GaN market size is expected to be about 4 in 2022.

$ 500 million.

Chen Nanxiang, the company’s executive vice chairman, said at the online media conference on the listing of the science and technology board that in the field of third-generation compound semiconductors, based on the long-term design and process precipitation, the company actively lays out third-generation semiconductor materials.GaN power device design, processing and packaging test technology, SiC power device design technology.

At the same time, the company intends to make full use of the advantages of the IDM mode and the technology accumulation in the field of power devices to achieve design and research and process technology research and development of 650V silicon-based GaN devices, SiC JBS devices and SiC MOSFET products.

  Investment recommendations we expect in 2019?
The company’s revenue will be 57 in 2021.

4.5 billion, 69.

6 billion, 83.

52 ppm, a ten-year increase of -8.

39%, 21.

15%, 20%; expected to achieve net profit attributable to shareholders of the parent company4.

10,000 yuan, 6.

3.5 billion, 8.

1.6 billion.

In terms of estimation, we compare domestic power semiconductor manufacturers with an average PE of about 40 times compared to 2021 (excluding the valuation of Silan Micro more than 100 times). Given the company’s leading advantage in the MOSFET field 无锡桑拿网 and sufficient future growth space, we give certain estimatesThe premium, for the first time, covered the “Buy” rating.

  There are risks associated with the gradual unrepaired supplementary risks; defects in the semiconductor industry; and technological gaps with international manufacturers.

Tianbang Shares (002124): Breeding business drags down 18-year performance and future growth is expected

Tianbang Shares (002124): Breeding business drags down 18-year performance and future growth is expected

1. The event company released the 2018 annual report and the 2019 first quarter report.

2. Our analysis and judgment 1) Affected by the loss of pig breeding and asset impairment, the 18-year performance dropped significantly in 2018.

2 ‰, rising 47 per year.

63%, of which the income from breeding / food / feed and feed ingredients / biological products is 28.

02 ppm / 2.

2.7 billion / 13.

One in 7.2 billion.

07 million yuan, +73 a year.

03% /-86.

63% / + 18.

98% /-22.


The company’s net profit is -5.

72 trillion, a year down 318.

29%, net profit after deduction is -6.

61 trillion, down 381 a year.


The significant decline in the company’s performance was mainly due to the excellent growth of the pig breeding business and the loss of asset impairment.

Impact of 160,000 yuan.

The company’s comprehensive gross profit margin is 11.

69%, a decrease of 12 over the same period last year.

74 points.

Period cost accounted for 14.

4%, down by 1 every year.


2019Q1 company achieved revenue of 12.

45 trillion, +47 a year.

64%, net profit attributable to mother -3.

35 ‰, at least -1141.


2) The pig slaughtering system increased significantly, and the performance was poor due to the low pig price.

970,000 heads, + 114% a year, of which piglets and nursery pigs are slid 13.

240,000 heads, 203 fattening pigs.

730,000 heads of pigs have achieved rapid growth.

Since the pig price in 2018 is at the bottom of the pig cycle, the continued spread of the African swine fever epidemic in the second half of the overlap, resulting in an average pig price of about 12.

17 yuan / kg, a decrease of 18 from 2017.

3%, the growth rate of hog sales income was 73%.

In terms of breeding costs, 2018Q1-3 was -6% compared to the same period last year, but Q4 was affected by African swine fever, and the breeding costs increased, so the cost was about -2%.Taken together, the sharp decline in pig prices has led to a reduction in the pig breeding business, with a net profit of -2 in 18 years.

9.3 billion.

In 2019Q1, the company’s hog slaughter was 76.

260,000 heads, +78 in ten years.

93%, sales income 10.

1.1 billion, +60 in ten years.

49%, with an average sales price of 11.

17 yuan / kg dragged down performance.

3) The price of 19H2 pigs may reach a record high, and the growth of pig breeding business can be expected from early April to 23, 19, with the average pig price in some provinces falling by 2.

85%, the whole is in a state of shock downward.

We believe that due to the pressure from the April sales pressure in March and the after-sales pressure in April and the inspection of frozen meat inventories in slaughterhouses, pig prices have shown a temporary weakness; through the gradual advancement of the government ‘s spot checks in May, the slaughterhouse’s operating rate will rise,The rapid rise in pig prices is ushered in. At the same time, the continued high price of piglets indicates strong supply and demand for piglets, and the future pigs will be tightly determined. The price of 19H2 pigs will hit a new high. We expect the average price of pigs in 19 years to be around 18 yuan.

Under the above background, the large-scale farms that have excellent prevention and control capabilities and guaranteed production volume will benefit significantly.

In 2019, the company plans to build 10 new sow farms and strive to produce more than 3 million heads, which will help the company’s hog breeding business profit grow.

4) The rapid growth of feed business, icing on the growth of performance The company’s feed sales volume in 2018 was 61.

82 Initially, at least +32.

21%, including aquatic feed and pig feed sales of 21 respectively.

In terms of 4, 40.

4 Initially, at least +34.

09%, +31.


The company cooperates with Guangdong Haimao, which is beneficial to the rapid growth of shrimp materials, and also promotes the marketing of other special materials, and uses aquatic materials to maintain rapid growth.

The gross profit margin of feed in 2018 was 19.

68% a year -1.

05pct, the decline in gross profit margin was mainly due to the increase in the proportion of pig feed, which lowered the overall gross profit level.

In terms of animal vaccine business, this business realized a net profit of 87.98 million yuan in 18 years, every + 16%, mainly due to the increase in internal sales and government tenders. At the same time, the company has a total of more than 10 new product reserves, of which pig pseudorabies mutant strains liveThe vaccine is about to pass the preliminary review of new veterinary drug registration. Recombinant Newcastle disease (genotype genotype) virus and avian influenza (H9 subtype) virus inactivated vaccine will pass the new veterinary drug registration review. This is the basis for future growth.


Investment suggestion The slaughterhouse operation rate is gradually restored through the expansion of the national frozen meat sampling inspection, which will lead to rapid growth in pig prices. It is expected to open in 5 months. The current high piglet prices are a result of strong supply and strong demand.The 厦门夜网 combined company’s live pig market maintained a growth trend, which was conducive to the company’s performance growth; the feed business maintained a steady growth, and its performance contribution was significant.

We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.



83 yuan, corresponding to 23/7/7 times the PE, given a “recommended” rating.


Risks indicate animal epidemic risk, R & D risk, quality risk, and market competition risk.

China Southern Airlines (600029) Review Report: Passenger demand with good demand is steadily rising

China Southern Airlines (600029) Review Report: Passenger demand with good demand is steadily rising

Investment points The growth rate of transportation capacity is stable and the international line is higher than the domestic line. In June of 19th, ASK as a whole, domestic and international alternative growth rates were 10.

45%, 10.

04%, 11.


From January to June 19, the growth rate of ASK as a whole, domestic and international ten years will be 10.

14%, 8.

94%, 12.


In June of 19, the group introduced 4 aircrafts and cancelled the lease of 4 aircrafts. At the end of June 19, the group operated a total of 849 aircrafts.

From January to June of 19th, the capacity growth rate was stable overall. From the comparison of capacity growth rate, the international line was higher than the domestic line. We maintained the domestic line for 19 years, and the international line ASK exceeded the growth rate by 9.

00% and 12.

The 00% assumption remains unchanged.

The domestic line demand is stable, and the international line demand is better than the domestic line in June. In 19 months, the overall RPK, domestic and international growth rates were 11 times.

05%, 10.

30%, 12.


From January to June of 19th, the RPK as a whole, domestic and international ten-year growth rates were 10.

40%, 8.

78%, 1武汉夜网论坛4.


For a single month in June 19, the overall load factor was 82 domestically and internationally.

87%, 83.

09%, 82.

68%, with annual changes of 0.

45, 0.

20, 0.

94 units.

From January to June of 19, it gradually increased, and the load factor was 82, domestic and international.

65%, 82.

58%, 83.

08%, the annual change is 0.

20, -0.

12, 0.

84 first-level, domestic line demand is stable, international line demand is better than domestic line.

We maintain a 19-year general domestic line, and international line load factors were 83.

00% and 84.

The 00% assumption remains unchanged.

The budget is expected to be flexible in the peak season. Maintaining the “Buy” rating is expected to be in 19-21, and the company’s net profit attributable to the parent is 78.2.5 billion, 98.

68 ppm and 123.

USD 3.9 billion, with annual growth rates of 162.

06%, 26.

11% and 25.

04%, corresponding to PE of 11.

51 times, 9.

12 times and 7.

30 times.

After the company withdrew from the alliance, Tianhe continued to strengthen its cooperation with the International Airlines Division, and the increase and promotion of Guangzhou international transit passengers increased the load factor.

The commissioning of Beijing Daxing Airport will become an important opportunity for the company to realize the Guangzhou-Beijing “dual hub” strategy, and the route structure will continue to be optimized.

Expect flexible ticket prices in the peak season and maintain a “Buy” rating.

Risks suggest that the growth of jet fuel costs is higher than expected, and labor costs are higher than expected.

Hidden psychological secrets of couples birthday differences

Hidden psychological secrets of couples birthday differences

Core tip: What is your relationship with his birthday?

Which contains some form of psychological secret?

Come try it, maybe there is a surprise.

Manifestation: Female is born on “9” day in November and male is born on “24” day in October, then our gap is 24-9 = 15 stops.

Or if the girl is on the 20th birthday and the boy is on the 1st birthday, then our gap is 20-1 = 19 stops.

  The best partner at 0 stations is 80 points. You are like-minded couples, but because the isomorphism is too high, sometimes it can be a little stuffy. The medicament is to completely create some interesting life.As soon as you see each other, you have a hard time giving up, what are you waiting for!

It ‘s better to act immediately. The two stations use each other 35 points each other. When they love each other, they will evaluate each other ‘s benefits and losses. Once there are disadvantages and no benefits, the two ‘s relationship ends. The three stations suspect each other 25 points.As soon as the wind blows, they will think about the bad place, and the other side is lazy to explain. In this way, sooner or later, they will break up 4 stations and stand for 70 minutes. The two will meet by accident, and they will be surrounded by love, and they will see each other more and more.

  Five motivated couples 80 points Two people can encourage each other, motivated, happiness is just around the corner.

  Fortunate couples at 6 stations will begin to interact with each other at 90 minutes, and will bring good luck to each other. The relationship will last long if you love each other.

  The 7 stations accept 45 points each other. The two people are not pleasing to each other. Sometimes they will express their dissatisfaction with each other in a half-joking way, but they will still be in love with each other. 8 stations will be happy after 55 points. The man will please the woman in a timely manner.Makes girls feel so sweet, everything is shared by the man.

But sometimes things are reversed, and you feel like you have no value?
Nine stations are nearly 60 minutes away. Both parties have different personalities and different ideas, but they can become lovers. The two parties need to relocate to each other to live a sweet life.

  25 couples in 10 stations and two of them are douche couples. The two sides often hold opposite opinions. It is a miracle to be together for a long time.

  At 11 stations, it was plain to see that the true feelings were 80 minutes. The relationship between the two was thin and long-flowing, and the good ending may be very high.

  The 12 stations received 15 minutes of airbags. One side was very emotional and ignored others, and the other side had a good temper to endure.

  The 13 stations are like 50% of love and non-love. The two sides are different, but they have a strong attraction to each other. They have a fresh feeling at the beginning, but they still have to work hard. 14 stations do not match 10 points. The two are close to the water andFire, eight poles ca n’t hit, I do n’t know how to get together, the glory of love does not mean eternal 15 stations, sister, lover, 70 points, the woman is not confident, everything is based on her boyfriend, where the boyfriend is the main, sometimes the other party feels a little bitAnnoyed the 16 strong and weak combination of 45 points. The man is the leader, and the woman is willing to be a birdie girl. The 17 points break up and the 20 points break. The two cannot find the same point.

The only reasonable way is to fully believe in each other’s 18 stations obsessed with lovers 30 minutes the man said that the moon is square, the woman also nodded and said that it was irrational to talk about the 19 stations master-slave relationship 60 points The two sides need to be able to understand that love is trustWith interdependence, love has a turning point. 20 stations will change their hearts. Inevitably 45 minutes, they will accept each other when they are in love. Once they change their hearts, they will not be able to save 21 stations. Fate 15 minutes. The two are together like a wormy apple.Compromise everything 22 stations Perfect lover 85 points When the woman sees the man, she will be overwhelmed by the rich knowledge and life experience of the other party, and the 23 stations that fall in love with each other will leave early and get better 5 points.Only to let you be together. The relationship between the two is difficult. There are 24 stations to lie to, a lover, 65 points, 25 stations to know your friends, and 15 points. The relationship between the two cannot be regarded as love, but you can only say that you are friends who respect each other.像白开水一样,淡而无味26个站欢喜冤家55分小俩口一见面就吵,越吵感情越好,不过有时也要互相学习尊重喔  27个站 人间绝配 80分  最佳情侣组合,令People envy.
Both sides are thinking about each other, admiring each other 28 violent couples standing 30 minutes apart, the two mouths are always noisy, sometimes not only hurting people, they will fight each other, feeling instability like a tightrope, 29 points, 60 pointsThere are many twists and turns in the relationship, and the relationship between Chengri and your lover. Sometimes a triangle relationship may occur, which may cause friends around you to worry about you. 30 stations are super clean and 80 points. Although no one is optimistic about your relationship, you are inAmong them, enjoy every minute of the glory of love

everyone is unique

everyone is unique

I rarely go directly to graduate special recruitment.

When I arrived at the job fair in Guangdong today, I felt not an excitement but also a depression.

This is my 5th year as Director of Human Resources.

Over the past five years, China ‘s graduates have more than doubled, and in 2006 they will exceed 3.6 million.

The time to enter the venue has not yet arrived, and there have been several 100-meter “human dragons” outside the ticket sales point.

At this moment, a tinge of sorrow passed in my heart.

Many years ago, I once lined up in the middle of the crowd with full of expectations, went to submit 3 or 5 resumes, and started a longer wait . Everyone is unique. I made some statisticsI also thought about some details.

The level of salary offered by college students is roughly as follows: Graduate students: more than 4,000 yuan.

Undergraduates: 2000-3500 yuan.

College students: Basically all mentioned below 2000.

Among them, the technology category (such as Web development) is relatively high, ranging between 3000-3500 yuan.

These data, except for the slight decline in graduate students, are higher than last year.

It may be better that it is just now that we can’t grasp the criterion of the competition line. Instead, I hope it is because the job market is warming up (but we can’t see this phenomenon).

  In general, when I receive my resume, I will not ask or see if the candidate is from these schools (I never judge students by school).

But when they answered the salary requirements, comparing their resumes, I found that they almost reached the point where they asked the price to know the school.

There are several technical college students, all of whom say 800 yuan. I asked them: “Why do you mention this number?

“They said,” Because our teacher said that our current competitiveness is about 800 yuan.

“This guideline for” mass production, uniform price “for students makes me sad for them.

The teacher ‘s “guidance” expands and completely destroys their system education and confidence over the past three years, and also destroys and destroys this school-it is undeniable that indeed the market is recruiting at this price.

However, students are not pure products, and everyone is unique. How can such unified guidance be done?

Why wouldn’t some individual more confidently propose 1,000 or 1,500 yuan?

The biggest and most fundamental difference between the “good school” and the “bad school” I know today is the transformation of students’ self-confidence.

  Your eyes have positioned your own interview today. I will give everyone no more than 5 minutes.

“If you describe your strengths in two sentences without thinking, I’ll recruit you, maybe 1 minute.

“I had a student who thought I was good. She only used one page of her resume to express her advantages and characteristics. When I decided to recruit her, I used to look at my resume and didn’t see her school name.”Why didn’t you write the school name?

“Because . my school is not so good .” I still asked her school, then picked up the pen, wrote her her alma mater in her resume, and put the resume in front of her eyes: “Is there?Wrong?


  If I was in charge of education, I had a large enough hammer, and I would scoop up and smash all Chinese schools, because no school would dare to stand up and say: Our school is “teaching to be human”–All are “teaching”.

  Of course, there are also students who are very good at selling themselves.

For example, there is a student who applied for web design, because what he does is on the school’s intranet, and he can’t show his work to me. He and I said, “I put my work on a professional friend collectionYou can see.

“I decided to inform him to come to work.

He comes from students who are regarded as “bad schools”, but he is good at using multiple ways to express their advantages and become the key to them to win my trust.

  It is not “seeking” a job, but asking me to “please” summarize your feelings today. I think: before graduation, you lose your job, not because there is no job offer, not because the structure of employability is unbalanced; the key to difficult employment is not because of graduationThere are more students, education level declines, and even the ability of self-awareness is blurred. Employment confidence and self-worth expectations are reduced.

It is a good thing that Tianzhi Jiaozi’s arrogant attitude disappears, but instead of being balanced, ordinary, it is still an inferiority, impetuous, and dazed.

  You can think that I put on a show and pose, but as a graduate, I believe that you are still willing to listen to a 5 year human resources director and a human resources worker who has had 10,000 interviews. You are “dissatisfied” with you: Don’t hand me a flashy resume, give me a concise (not simple) and can highlight your own expression-in the face of thousands of job applicants, you really think HR will see your 100 people haveAre there 99 or so cover letters and resume-book-bound resume templates?

  Do n’t tell me too much about yourself, I do n’t dare to say that you were judged correctly in 3 or 5 minutes, but within 30 seconds I freeze your first impression; the reason why I ended your interview soon isThere are so many people waiting in line behind you. I used to wait so hard as a graduate. I just wanted to give more people a chance equal to yours. Then I will select and ask you to come to my office to try again.; You think I have given you too little time, and the moment you show your disappointment, you lose the chance to get another test.

I always insist: Your faith is my hope.

Your job opportunity is not for me, or your own.  Don’t make a gesture of “I will do anything as long as you recruit me”. This will give me a feeling of “sell yourself”. I ask you because you will create value for the company, so you are not “seeking” a job, butI invite you.

It’s not asking you to raise your posture, it’s just asking you to raise your chest.

  Don’t be afraid to say and write down the school you graduated from, no matter how bad she is, where you came from.

I do n’t want people like this: when I saw his parents, I did n’t dare to recognize them because of their bad background; or when I had a larger company interview, I was embarrassed to say that I was from a company other than a Fortune 500 company.
For the company, your value and value determine everything.

  Don’t list me a lot of your academic achievements and so-called internships in the army, you just need to pick a special thing, explain the process and results point-wise, and let me know how you do things.

  Don’t dare to look at me with your eyes, I look down on you when you dare not look at me.

  Don’t make so much nonsense when answering “your salary requirements”.

I don’t care if you say 5000 or 1500. What I care is that you say a number, the look.

I think everyone has the right to self-assess the value of the labor force (but the company has its own compensation system and won’t treat you specially), but I like straightforward colleagues, straightforward is a kind of confidence, a style of doing things,It is also a life attitude.

I will stubbornly think: how many characters you bring before and after this number means how obstructive you are; or how erratic your self-knowledge and self-confidence are.

  Life is short and worthless. Tell others that you are unique, that you are you, and that you are what you are.

Beauty medicated stewed trotters

Beauty medicated stewed trotters

Summary: Beware of mooncake fattening traps The five major mooncake equations teach you to eat a healthy Mid-Autumn Festival.

How to eat moon cake is good for health?

Tell you the “trick” of eating moon cakes in baseball.

Mid-Autumn Festival is the most healthy way to eat moon cakes for the long holiday.

  [Raw materials]1 trotter (with skin), 5 red dates.

  [Method]After washing the trotters, cut 4 to 6 petals with a knife.

Boil the water, add the hoofs, blanch, boil several times, and skim.

Sit in a large casserole, let the water boil, boil the lower hoof, add the red dates that are soaked, boil, add cooking wine, turn to low heat and simmer until the hoof is soft, the meat is cooked, add salt, onion, pepper noodles, ginger, MSG, sugarEach amount, continue to simmer for 30 minutes.

  [Usage]Serve as a meal and take it at will.

  [Efficacy]and blood veins, moisturize the skin, fill kidney essence, strengthen waist and feet, and strengthen body fat.

  [Explanation]Skinned pig’s hoof bladder has unique nutritional health effects.

Modern nutrition research has proven that meat skin is rich in collagen and elastin. If human cells are particulate matter, the amount of water bound by the cells will be significantly reduced, making the skin dry and wrinkles, and the elderly will show weight loss and aging.

The trotter bladder is very nutritious and contains a large amount of protein, especially a large amount of skin protein. Like the meat skin, it is a good food for making the skin plump, moisturized, and strong.