How to face chicken ribs love

How to face “chicken ribs” love

There are many famous love halls. Recently I heard that there is another kind of love called “chicken ribs”, which is very interesting, so I wanted to get “love class” to share with you and analyze it.

  A handsome man, a white-collar worker, has a culture and temperament. In the words of his girlfriend, he really found the Prince Charming in his mind.

  They have been talking to friends for almost three years, and the young man has shown her diligence and care.

But when she mentioned “Let’s get married!”

“The young man will say,” Not ready yet, the foundation of the business is too thin “and so on, one after another, the reasons for not getting married.

However, when she said, “That breakup is all right,” the young man pointed to Tianmeng and vowed, “I love you alone.”

Just dragging around like this.

She said, “Give up. It’s not easy to find such a person who likes you; together, you can’t see the results.

“This is a typical” chicken rib “love story I recently heard.

  You might guess that the young man must adopt the strategy of “waiting for change”, and by some days, the career will change and the material foundation will be rich, which will surprise the girl.

But she said that, based on his current career foundation, he already has a range that is superior to his peers, and it should have all of them.

Let’s hear how this young man feels about her: “I think she is particularly good, better than all the girls I know before, but once I find that I have no distance with her, some think of having sex and getting married., I can’t help but feel nervous and frightened, as if the relationship between me and her is out of control, I can’t deal with it, so I must keep a certain distance from her.

It was for this reason that I broke up with my former girlfriend.

I thought I was still immature, it would be better if I was older, but now I am not too young, she is also very good to me, I still can’t take this step.

“Have heard his confession, it is quite different from his excuse for girls.

Therefore, the “chicken rib” love is a confusing and helpless thing, and sometimes it is a “embarrassing” thing that makes you face your true spiritual world.

  If there is such a love around you, it starts long enough, more than two years; the conditions for both men and women to merge and combine; if one party is not willing to marry, can you tell whether it is what we have above?What about love?

Here is a psychological quiz to help you judge.

You can start with a Tang poem “Maple Bridge at Night”: “The moon is falling and the sky is full of frost, and Jiang Fengyuhuo sleeps sadly.

Hanshan Temple outside Gusu City, the bell came to the passenger boat at midnight.

“Then you ask him or her to close their eyes and imagine the picture of the poem in his mind.

First ask him where and how he looks in the picture.

Then guide him to see the river on which the ship is stopped is a certain kind of water, the clarity of the river water, there is an animal in the water, what is the relationship between them, and his attitude towards different animals.

His appearance symbolizes his psychological age; the appearance of the “river” symbolizes vitality; the clarity of the river water indicates sexual attitudes; the animals in the water (such as fish, dolphins, water snakes, turtles, etc.) symbolize the opposite sex;The relationship between them represents the degree of psychological harmony with the opposite sex; his attitude towards different animals symbolizes his acceptance of the opposite sex.

  For example, he saw “I am a twenty-year-old talent standing on the shore; the river is more than ten meters wide and very clear; there are many herrings and a few red goldfish in the water; swimming between them, Xiang’anIt’s okay; he admires a red goldfish and hopes that he will become a black goldfish to accompany it.

“Then his psychological age is in his twenties, with strong vitality and healthy sexual attitude; he likes meek opposites; he has a harmonious attitude towards different heterosexuals; he is in love and likes each other very much.

If the relationship between the animals is not harmonious, and there is always fear of the animals in the water, wait and see, etc. When the polar attitude is eliminated, it is most likely the participation of “chicken ribs” in love.

  Maybe this quiz can help us further understand the psychological factors that make “chicken ribs” love. In fact, we can also see that both parties involved in love are not very happy, especially the party who is unwilling to truly open their hearts.

The young man in the above story is an example. For him, he is really “feared and loved” for the opposite sex. He puts the relationship between the two parties within a controllable range, so although he can prevent himself from losing control of the opposite sex, it can also be said thatPrevent the opposite sex from controlling itself.

He can be a rational gentleman, but it also means that he has lost a chance to try a master of love.

Although in the end maybe the girl (including his ex-girlfriend) would leave him, he would still walk away like a gentleman. He thought that he did not hurt the girl in form. He was very noble, but he did hurt the girl deeply.Emotions and love for him.

Therefore, it is very wise to choose to break up with the party that is hurt in the “chicken rib” love.

  So, won’t the “chicken rib” love be transformed into the love of the lover?

Take the story of that girl as an example.

First of all, she has to persist, how long it takes is unknown; secondly, she continues to pay for her emotions and love without asking for reward; again, she must be prepared for the other party to leave like a “gentleman” at any time.

The original purpose was to give the other party a sufficient sense of security so that their psychological control and fear could be eliminated.

For the young man, first of all, he must make up his mind to face his psychological “out of control” feeling; secondly, he repeatedly participates (reading nothing) and reads a Tang poem “Advising the monk not to cherish the golden robe, and persuading the monarch to take the young.
The flowers bloom and fold straight and must be folded.”The symbolic meaning of” golden clothes “here is” gentlemanship “; the symbolic meaning of” boyhood “is the true self.

The original purpose was to reduce his chances of “thinking about his brain” and thinking about ways to “intervene” in the situation, so that he could more appreciate the true disposition revealed by himself and the other party.

  Analysis here, she and him decided to break up without breaking up is still a matter between them, but just wish them well on the road to future love.

Eat black rice and kidney to fight aging

Eat black rice and kidney to fight aging

Nowadays, many people like to mix some cereals such as rice, black rice, and barley in their diet. But, do you know their nutritional characteristics and health benefits?

Who is unfit to eat these foods?

  The most nutritious is black rice. Black rice is rich in nutrients. It contains protein, trace amounts, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc and other substances, and its nutritional value exceeds that of ordinary rice.

It can obviously increase the content of human hemoglobin and hemoglobin, is conducive to the health care of the cardiovascular system, is conducive to the development of children’s bones and brain, and promotes the recovery of maternal and post-ill-health

  Black rice has the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing kidney, nourishing qi and strengthening body, strengthening spleen and appetizing, nourishing liver and eyesight, nourishing essence and astringent, and is an anti-aging beauty, nourishing and strengthening body.

Regular consumption of black rice has a better nourishing effect on chronic patients, patients during rehabilitation and young children.

As black rice is not easy to cook, it should be soaked overnight before cooking.

It is not suitable for young children and elderly patients with weak digestive function.

  The most aided digestion is the so-called coarse rice, which is the “light yellow rice” in which the rice with shells is removed during the milling process to retain the husk and retain the germ and cobalt.

Crude rice contains more protein, trace amounts, and vitamins than polished white rice.

  The crude fiber molecules of the rice bran layer help to move in the body and are effective for digestive diseases such as stomach diseases, constipation, and hemorrhoids.

Compared with refined white rice, coarse rice supplements can reduce plasma and reduce the risk of hypertension and stroke.

  Slightly suitable for the general population to eat, but because it is slightly larger than rice, it has a thick texture and a tight gap, and it is time-consuming to cook.

  Japanese research proves that the glycemic index of coarse rice is much lower than that of white rice, and it has a better satiety when eating the same amount, which is conducive to controlling food intake and thus helping obese people to lose weight.

Therefore, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries have long set off a wave of eating a little rice to control their weight.

  The most nourishing yin and Shengjin is the previous rice using porridge to make health and prolong life. In the history of 2000 years, the top layer of rice porridge oil can replenish fluids and replenish essence, which nourishes the human yin and kidneyJingda has transsexual benefits, and is most suitable for patients, mothers and the elderly.

  The previous rice has the effects of strengthening the spleen and stomach, replenishing qi, nourishing yin and promoting fluid, removing irritability, thirst, and intestinal diarrhea. It can be used for complications such as weak spleen and stomach, irritability, malnutrition, and weakness after illness.Be careful not to eat too much.

Allergic hypertension diet recipe

Allergic hypertension diet recipe

Schematic diagram of allergic stress. Allergic asthma is a relatively stubborn disease. It usually develops in infants and young children. If you ignore treatment, it can be accompanied for life.

Most hypertensive patients have allergies or allergic rhinitis. Hypertensive patients with allergic rhinitis may have sneezing, runny nose, and itchy nose.

  First, 500 grams of tofu, 100 grams of maltose, 1 cup of raw radish juice, mixed and boiled for 1 day, divided into morning and evening 2 times.

This therapeutic formula is very effective for acute diseases of the lung heat type.

  Second, 5 grams of almonds, 6 grams of ephedra, 100 grams of tofu, mix and boil for 1 hour, remove the residue, eat tofu and soup.

Take 1 serving every day or every other day.

This diet is effective for patients with hypertension.

  Third, 5 pieces of fresh loofah, chopped, orally after decoction to remove residue.

Or use loofah vine juice, 30 ml orally, 3 times a day.

How to take the loofah vine off the ground 3?
Cut it at 4 feet, insert the broken end into the bottle, and drip fresh juice into the bottle, which can collect 500 ml of juice a day.

  Fourth, walnuts have better curative effect on hypertension, preferably 5 grams of walnut kernels, 5 grams of almonds, and 30 grams of honey. After mixing the three, steam and add 20 drops of ginger juice.

Take the above prescription every two days, even for 5?
7 times.

Or take 30 grams of walnuts, 15 grams of ginger, 250 grams of pig lungs.

Wash the pork lungs, add water, add walnut kernels, ginger, and cook.

3 times a day at 1?
Finished within 2 days.

The above dual diet therapy is applicable to patients with kidney deficiency who have recurring surgical diseases over time.

Home simple diet to get rid of oral ulcers

Home simple diet to get rid of oral ulcers

The cause of oral ulcers is “exciting fire”, “spleen and stomach heat” and other factors.

  Honey gargle method: 10% honey gargle method can be used to lighten, relieve pain, and promote cell regeneration.

  Fungus therapy: take white fungus, black fungus, hawthorn each 10 grams, decoction, drink soup to eat fungus, 1?
2 times, can cure oral ulcers.

  Cocoa therapy: make cocoa powder and honey into a paste, frequently containing pharynx, several times a day can cure oral inflammation and ulcers.

  Cabbage root therapy: take 60 grams of cabbage root, 15 grams of garlic seedlings, 10 jujubes, decoction, 1?
2 times, can cure oral ulcers.

  Rapeseed therapy: take 30 grams of white radish seeds, 30 grams of mustard seeds, and 15 grams of light green, put them together and smash them, apply to the foot, once a day, can cure oral ulcers.

  Apple therapy: take 1 apple (or pear) and slice into a container, add cold water (apple or pear to be boiled) and heat to a boil. After it is slightly cold, put it in the mouth with wine for a while before serving, Can be cured for several days.

  Ginger water substitute tea gargle method: For oral ulcers, use hot ginger water substitute tea to gargle, 2-3 times a day, generally 6-9 times, the ulcer surface can converge.

  Mouth ulcers should pay attention to the following points: 1. Brush your teeth carefully: Use a soft toothbrush to brush your teeth comprehensively; often do oral inspections, ask a dentist to treat bad teeth in time and repair damaged denture linings.

  2. Always keep your mouth clean.

  3. Eat more liquid food and chew slowly.

  4, increase the absorption of fruits and vegetables, kill supplementary multivitamins and minerals.

  5. Avoid eating grinded foods such as bread, corn or potato chips, smoke less, drink less alcohol, eat less acidic foods such as citrus, tomatoes or nuts, eat less spicy or salty foods, and avoid hard foods.Too hot food and chewing gum.

Demystifying how Shao’s five-needle method cures disease

Demystifying how Shao’s five-needle method cures disease

Roar disease is a common recurrent, refractory chronic refractory disease.

Zhengqi deficiency refers to the decrease in lung, spleen, and kidney functions, while evil qi refers to internal phlegm drinking, blood stasis, exogenous sensation, and other bad stimulations.

The initial disease is in the lungs; if the disease lasts for a long time and recurrent, the disease and the spleen and kidneys are affected, but it is still related to the lungs.

The disease is often exacerbated at night and / or early in the morning.

With the improvement of the industrial level, the increase in air pollution and the increase in the incidence and mortality of respiratory diseases worldwide.

Worldwide 1.

5 billion-2.

One billion people suffer from wheezing, and as many as 180,000 people die each year.

Roaring crime has become a topic of concern.

  Based on the pathogenesis of respiratory disease, Professor Shao Jingming of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine created the “five needle method”, which is based on the theory of traditional Chinese medicine and guided by the theory of meridians, picking Feishu (double), large vertebrae, and damper (double)The three points mainly use acupuncture to adjust the function of the lungs to improve the disorder of respiratory function and achieve the effect of relieving cough and asthma.

Feishu regulates lung qi, relieves cough and asthma, and treats asthma; Dazhui Xuanyang disintegrates the table, expels wind and dispels cold, relieves qi, and relieves asthma; asthma disperses wind and cold, diarrhea and heat, regulates lung qi, relieves cough and relieves asthma.

San Acupoint is used to treat hypertension, which has the effect of relieving cough and asthma, and can prevent recurrence of asthma.

Pulmonary function has been continuously improved during the remission phase, and there are long-term long-term effects.

  Diagnostic criteria 1. TCM criteria (1) When there is a sound of breathing in the throat, difficulty breathing, and even open your mouth and shoulders, you can’t lie down, or your lips and nails become cyanotic.

  (2) Recurrent.

It is often triggered by sudden changes in climate, improper diet, emotional disorders, and fatigue.

There are many signs of itching, sneezing, coughing, and chest tightness.

  (3) Have a history of allergies or family history.

  (4) Tremors may be heard in both lungs, or accompanied by wet snoring.

  (5) Blood eosinophils can increase.

  (6) Eosinophils can be seen on the sputum smear.

  (7) X-ray examination generally has no special changes, and emphysema signs can be seen in chronic diseases.

  Types of syndrome differentiation during remission: ① Pulmonary deficiency syndrome: chills, spontaneous sweating, shortness of breath, low risk of catching a cold, caused by weather changes, pale tongue, thin white fur, and weak pulse; ② spleen deficiency syndrome: often coughing and sputum, Eat less 脘 痞, stool 溏, burnout, pale tongue, thin fur or white slippery, soft pulse; ③ kidney deficiency syndrome: usually shortness of breath, movement, wheezing, soft waist, cold limbs, pale face, tongueThe pale moss is white and the veins are thin.

  Second, the diagnostic criteria of Western medicine (1) recurrent episodes of wheezing, dyspnea, chest tightness or cough, are mostly related to contact with allergens, cold air, physical; chemical stimulation, viral upper respiratory infections, exercise and so on.

  (2) Both lungs can be heard and scattered or diffuse at the time of incidence, and the breathing sounds dominated by the expiratory phase are prolonged.

  (3) The above symptoms can be recovered through treatment or self-recovery.

  (4) For those with atypical symptoms (if there is no obvious wheezing or signs), at least one of the following tests should be positive: ① positive bronchial challenge test or exercise test; ② positive bronchodilator test; ③ maximum expiratory flow (PEF) within daysThe rate of variation or diurnal fluctuation is ≥20%.

  (5) Exclude wheezing, chest tightness and cough caused by other diseases.

  Evaluation of clinical stages and conditions: According to clinical manifestations, bronchial ulcers can be divided into acute onset and rehabilitation.

The remission phase or non-acute phase refers to the symptoms disappeared after treatment or correction of the symptoms, and the lung function returns to the level before the acute attack, and it is maintained for more than 4 weeks.

General evaluation of non-acute episodes: Many patients do not even have an acute episode, but symptoms (wheezing, coughing, chest tightness) often occur at different frequencies and / or to varying degrees over a considerable period of time, so it is necessary toClinical manifestations, lung function, and medications needed to control its symptoms provide a general assessment of the condition.

  Indications that meet the diagnostic criteria for bronchial asthma in western medicine, and those who meet the diagnostic criteria for respiratory disease in traditional Chinese medicine, are identified as the type of deficiency of lung and spleen, the diagnosis is clear, and the age is between 18 and 65 years.

  Contraindications 1. Patients with pulmonary heart disease, tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, lung cancer and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, liver, kidney, and hematopoietic systems are severely life-threatening primary diseases and patients with mental illness.

  Second, patients with other diseases that can cause asthma and dyspnea.

  Third, patients with local infection, ulcers, wound marks, tumors.

  Technical operation method 1, the instrument is prepared to replace the diameter 0.

35 mm acupuncture needle.

  Second, the detailed operation steps Acupoints: Acupoints are selected in accordance with the standard of acupuncture in the sixth edition of the textbook “Acupuncture and Moxibustion”.Main points: Feishu (double), Dazhui (double), damper (double).

Acupoints: Cough is very good for ruler Ze, Taiyuan; sputum is more than Zusanli, Zhongya; physically weak and cold, Zusanli.

  Third, the operation method ① body position: use the sitting position, frail or afraid of needles can take the lateral position.

  ② Disinfection: Before the needle is inserted, use a 75% alcohol cotton ball to routinely disinfect the needle, and then perform acupuncture.

  ③ Needle insertion: large vertebrae, middle condyles, and ruler with straight puncture instead of 1.

5 inches long needle, fat people pierce 1.

2 inches, the lean man penetrates 1 inch.

Feishu and the air valve both puncture straightly. Replace the 1-inch needle with a long needle. Fat people penetrate 0.

8 inches, thin people pierce 0.

5 inch.

Taiyuan stabs straight, chooses 1 inch long needle, fat people pierce 0.

5 inches, the lean man pierced into 0.

3 inches.

Susanli pierced straight, extract 2 inches long needle, fat man pierced into 1.

5 inches, the lean man stabs into 1.


  ④ Acupuncture: Feishu, large vertebral body, damper, middle cymbal, ruler, and Zusanli all adopt a combination of lifting and twisting; when the needle of Taiyuan is twisting, twisting is the main method, and lifting is the auxiliarytechnique.

According to the acupuncture position, the up and down insertion width is 0 according to the needling position.

3 inches-0.

5 inches, twisting forward and backward within 360 °.

Generally, when inserting downward, the thumb is forward, and when upward, the thumb is backward. The above actions are performed on the sensitive person 3 times, and the general patient is operated 5-6 times.

The needle is left for 30 minutes each time, and the needle is moved once every 10 minutes. On the basis of gaining air, the operation of lifting and twisting is used.

  ⑤ Cupping: After the needle, add a large hot cup between the large vertebra and Feishu and leave it for 10 minutes.

  Fourth, the key technology can pick acupuncture points to be accurate.

  Grasp the depth of acupuncture. According to the position of acupuncture, the up and down insertion width is 0 according to the position of acupuncture.


5 inches, twisting forward and backward within 360 °.
Generally, when inserting downward, the thumb is forward, and when upward, the thumb is backward. The above actions are performed on the sensitive person 3 times, and the general patient is operated 5-6 times.
Needle once a day, stay for 30 minutes each time, once every 10 minutes.

After the treatment, the prescription patients were protected from the cold.

  Fifth, precautions must comfort the patient before acupuncture and relax.

During the operation, if the patient has emotional fluctuations, it needs to be comforted and can be operated after rest.

If the patient is older and weaker, the acupuncture should be gentle and the stimulation should be small.

  Because the method mainly uses acupuncture at the end of the acupoint, the doctor must strictly follow the operating procedures during operation to prevent lung injury and pneumothorax.

  Allergens that can cause disease, such as tobacco, alcohol, sugar, vinegar, garlic, oil, shrimp, crab, and other allergens, should be contraindicated.

Recipe: Chinese medicine materials to lower blood pressure

Recipe: Chinese medicine materials to lower blood pressure

Hypertension is a common cerebrovascular disease, a chronic disease with elevated arterial blood pressure, usually manifested as dizziness, mana and other symptoms.

Severe cases can cause heart, brain, kidney and other complications.

Hypertension is also known as the “invisible killer”, and timely prevention and treatment of hypertension is very critical and necessary.

  Here are some recipes for lowering blood pressure for your reference: 1.
Dogwood 15 grams, chrysanthemum 15 grams, moderate amount of wax.

Research the first two medicines together, add an appropriate amount of edible vinegar to make a paste, apply it to Yongquan points on both feet before going to bed, wrap and fix with gauze, remove it in the morning, once a day.

14 days is a course of treatment. After 7 days, another course of treatment is applied, and 3 courses are used in succession.

Applicable to hyperactivity of liver yang.

  2.Evodia rutaecarpa 10 g, Chuanxiong 10 g, Xinyi 10 g, and 5 g borneol.

Scrub Shen Shen (Navel) before using medicine, and take loose powder 4?
5 grams separate the umbilical cord, fixed with external dressing tape, 3?
The drug is changed once every 4 days, and 30 days is a course of treatment.

  3.10 grams of Gastrodia elata, 30 grams of white mustard seed, 20 grams of gallbladder star, Atractylodes japonica, and Chuanxiong each are studied in detail and bottled for future use.

During the treatment, take 20 grams of powdered medicine, adjust the amount of ginger juice into a paste, apply it to Zhongli and bilateral Neiguan acupoints before going to bed, and stick firmly with adhesive tape. Remove and wash the next morning.

Once a day, two weeks as a course of treatment, can be used continuously for 5?
6 courses to consolidate the effect.

The prescription has the effects of dampening phlegm, expelling phlegm, quenching wind, etc., and is suitable for phlegm turbid hypertension.

  4.30 grams of Scutellaria baicalensis, 60 grams of peony peel, 24 grams of angelica shells, 24 grams of mulberry peel, 24 grams of salvia miltiorrhiza, 24 grams of oysters, 24 grams of peony, 24 grams of Taiwu medicine, 12 grams of solitary living, 10 grams of magnet10 grams of Achyranthes bidentata, 10 grams of Shouwu, 12 grams of Shi Jingming.

Add medicine to water 1500?
2000ml boiling, pour into the basin after 20 minutes, wait for warming, dip both feet for 20?
About 30 minutes.

Once a night, 7 days is a course of treatment, and 3 consecutive courses are used.

  What needs to be reminded is that if there is a serious increase in blood pressure, you should seek medical treatment in a timely manner. Patients should maintain a comfortable mood, do not eat too much, eat less salt, and ensure that blood pressure drops.

Drinking five cups of green tea every day has anti-cancer effect

Drinking five cups of green tea every day has anti-cancer effect

Many people know that regular drinking green tea can prevent cancer, but the latest Japanese study found that drinking at least 5 cups a day is effective.

  Toru Naganuma, a professor at the Tohoku University School of Pharmacy, and colleagues conducted a follow-up survey of more than 40,000 nationals between the ages of 40 and 79 for 9 years.People with cups or more of green tea have a 42% lower risk of developing blood tumors and a 48% lower risk of cancer of the lymphatic system.

  Tea polyphenols are the main component of anti-cancer. Green tea contains more polyphenols than black tea and oolong tea.

Sun Li, member of the Food Nutrition and Safety Professional Committee of the China Health Care Association, suggests that people with a family history of cancer and middle-aged and elderly people should use green tea as the first type of beverage choice other than water, but the green tea here is not sold on the marketGreen tea drink.

Drink more green tea in autumn, but also moisturize autumn.

  And how to drink these 5 cups of green tea, Sun Li said, generally 3?
5 grams of tea are brewed in 250 ml to 300 ml cups. Drinking two or three cups should be fine. You can brew it once in the morning and in the afternoon.

You can also arrange according to your habits and hobbies, the focus is to drink enough to achieve health benefits.

Speaking skills to master psychology

Speaking skills to master psychology

Maybe you would envy others eloquently speaking on the 10,000 people’s pulpit or the debate floor, or fiercely talking, and then look at yourself in reality, but always seems to be clumsy, always speaking the wrong words.

In fact, if you know how to intersperse some speech skills in your speech, you may not be inferior to the orator who stands on the pulpit.

  Of course, it is not easy to know how to use appropriate words in your interactions with colleagues and supervisors.

Experts suggest that the topic should be cut into the personality of the business as soon as possible, but after cutting into the topic, some people always like to use some annoying excuses, such as: “I originally thought that .”, “We might be able to .”Great discount.

You know, humility is nothing more than a whitewash, and the result of this will only be everyone’s continued discussion-unconsciously you have lost your share.

  It’s not difficult to get rid of these inappropriate words, the rule is-make your speech sound powerful.

Stuttgart’s resignation trainer and writer Zngo Vogel believes that this is not difficult: she said, “Language is like a person’s business card. You can use words to stretch your personality and make yourself unique.different.
“We already have thousands of words in our heads, and the question now is how to wake them up and make them our capital for success.

Because only by knowing how to use words consciously and effectively, and avoiding meaningless and empty words, will not make you very passive, but cope with the expression of what you want to express.

To do this, you can refer to the important rule: Do n’t say “but”
, but say “and”
Imagine the idea of a colleague who is easy for you. You might say, “This idea is good, but you have to .… “You would have made your words countless and incisive, and of course you will be loved by your colleagues and supervisors!

Make your words worthy of recognition of others, so this kind of recognition will be greatly reduced.

You can express a more specific hope to express your satisfaction and suggestions, such as: “I think this suggestion is good, and if you add a little here, it may be better .” Don’tBesides, “honestly” every time the company meets, various suggestions are discussed.

So you said to a colleague: “Honestly, I think .” From the perspective of others, you seem to be highlighting your sincerity.

Of course you are very sincere, but why do you want to highlight it?

So you better say, “I think we should .” Don’t say “first”, but say “already”. You want to report to your boss the progress of a project.

You tell your boss: “I have to get familiar with the job first.

“Think about it. In this case, the boss (including yourself) may think that you still have a lot of work to do, but you will never feel that you have done something.

This kind of speech attitude will give people a very pessimistic feeling, but not optimistic.

So I suggest you better say, “Yes, I’m quite familiar with the job.

“Don’t say” just “You made a suggestion at a KONE meeting. You said this:” This is my suggestion.

“Please note that this is absolutely impossible!

Because in this way, your thoughts, credits, including your own value will be greatly devalued.

It was an idea that was very conducive to cooperation and group awareness. Instead, colleagues only felt that your self-confidence was not enough.

It’s better to say: “This is my suggestion.

“Don’t say” wrong “, but say” no “A colleague accidentally immersed a work plan in water and is apologizing to the client.

You know, of course, that he made a mistake and annoyed the client, so you said to him: “This is your fault and you must take responsibility.

“This will only cause the other party’s boredom.

Your purpose is to reconcile the conflicts between the two parties and avoid disputes.

So, express your negative attitude in a gentle way, and explain your reasons truthfully.

For example, “You did something wrong, and you had better be responsible.

“Don’t say” it was . “You and your personality object have different opinions about something.

You downplayed the novel: “I originally had a different opinion.

“A small word that seems inconspicuous, but instead of highlighting your position, it makes you lose your position.

Similar expressions such as “really” and “strictly abide”, etc., simply said: “I have different opinions.

“Don’t say” a few or so “, but say” a few whole “When talking on the phone with an important business partner, you said to him:” I will call you again this weekend or so.

“It gives the impression that you don’t want to take the picture immediately, or even worse-others will feel that your work attitude is not reliable.

It’s better to say, “I’ll call you tomorrow at 11 o’clock.

“Don’t say” critical . “but say” please . “You will soon submit a plan for which you are responsible.Everyone’s pressure is already very great, and you say to everyone: “You think about it further .” Such a tone may be difficult to bring about high efficiency, but it will put pressure on others and make them rebellious.

But if the other way round, who would refuse a friendly and polite request?

So it’s best to say: “Please consider .”

Meet people

Meet people

If you pay attention to a person’s “eating phase”, you can guess his personality.

  1. A person who is restless before going to the table and eats food as soon as he is on the table.

Most of them had suffered, and they were poor when they were young, but they worked actively and willingly.

  2. Some people pay attention to the cleanliness of food utensils. Even when a fish bone falls on the table when eating, it must be picked up to facilitate others to pack.

Such people usually appreciate the efforts of others, work in an orderly manner, pay attention to neatness, and arrange life.

  3. As soon as the food is served, add condiments, vinegar, sauce, and paprika all over.

This kind of sexual adventures in life is more casual.

  4, while eating, people who are non-stop, because they are eager to talk to people, they can’t swallow food.

Kinds of people are more anxious and aggressive.

  5, most people who are silent when eating are lonely or shy.

  6. Those who leave the dining table as soon as they finish eating are mostly self-centered.

Nourishing soup porridge for men in winter

Nourishing soup porridge for men in winter

Whether you are a 20-year-old calf, a 30-year-old who feels good about yourself, or a 40-year-old who needs sustainable development, men are born to nourish, and they naturally have higher energy needs than women.

Expert advice: The best way to nourish is to drink porridge, but also choose the porridge that suits you.

  How do men with poor liver make up?


Fish, shrimp, chicken, and beef supplement protein and amino acids needed by the human body, and are easily absorbed and used by the human body. Red beans and jujube are also very suitable for this type of men.


For lunch, scrambled eggs with chives, shredded beef with spinach, and egg soup with tomatoes.


Millet porridge, cauliflower stew, and red bean carp soup are ideal dinner options for men with poor liver.

  Busy men with lotus seeds and congee soothe the nerves.

  This kind of people are nervous and fatigued, sleep poorly, and generally lack of exercise, which will affect the normal absorption of the diet by the stomach.

Sedentary prone to backache symptoms can also cause prostatitis. Drink some lotus seed soup and porridge.

  Suggestions: Lotus seed can nourish the spleen and relieve diarrhea, nourish the heart and soothe the nerves, while Zhishi can strengthen the spleen and kidney, and often drink can relieve stress and prevent insomnia and other symptoms caused by work stress.

  Drinking man lotus root mung bean porridge to care for the liver.

  Drinking a lot of alcohol for a long time will cause the most damage to the liver. It is recommended to have a bowl of lotus root mung bean porridge.

Mung bean boiled scallions can strengthen the spleen and appetite, relieve liver and biliary energy, clear liver and gall heat, and nourish heart and blood.

Rice has liver-protecting and stomach-protecting effects. Drinking alcohol can reduce a lot of alcohol damage to the liver.

  Recommendation: It is best to use a casserole for porridge, because it is relatively thick compared to a rice cooker, so there are some substances that the rice cooker cannot break down, but the casserole is different.

Because the pot has a lot of tiny trachoma, it can absorb oily substances, and because it absorbs heat slowly, the cooked food is delicious.

  Skinny man Baizhu yam porridge strengthens spleen and kidney.

  Such people usually think that eating nutrient-rich foods will be okay. In fact, they generally have a weak spleen and stomach earlier, excessive intake of nutrients, protein in food cannot be completely absorbed, and the burden on the kidneys is increased during metabolism.
  Recommendation: such people drink more Baizhu yam porridge to strengthen the spleen and kidney.

Atractylodes nourishing the spleen, warming the stomach, digesting food, and yam can regulate the human immune system, and wolfberry has the function of nourishing the liver and kidney. Combining these two materials to boil porridge can strengthen the spleen and kidney, and strengthen muscles.