Top 10 killer love myths

Top 10 killer love myths

TOP1’s 101st proposal of classic mode In the 30-year-old cellist Yabuki Kaori, she was already scarred.

At this time, a five-short construction worker, Taro Hoshino, who had scared away 100 women, appeared.

Although she didn’t like him at first, she was finally convinced by his kindness. She appeared in a wedding dress at a susceptible crowd at his construction site. A woman who experienced huge emotional frustrations. You lost too much blood and suffered serious injuries. You need a warmA burrow, and a good man can meet all your needs, so you are a bit desperate.

  Solution One sentence Tangshan dialect said: “You hurt yourself, you hurt each other.

“Be nice to yourself first. Don’t treat your listeners as lovers when you’re at a loss. What could be more upsetting than a kind man who you don’t love at all?

Take care of yourself when you are most vulnerable.

  TOP2 Titanic Nick Classic mode Rose is beautiful, full of fantasy and taste; and Jack is poor, intelligent and full of power.

So they will meet and destined to separate.

  White-collar ladies who are susceptible to exile in susceptible people, you are under too much pressure, from bosses, colleagues, parents and boyfriends, so you start yearning for a new life.

  In fact, you know the solution. You ca n’t accept the kind of marijuana rock and crazy sex life, but you just want it . the first thing is to save money; the second thing is to set out, if you are sure you can return at any timeThe words of the normal system.

Going to taste the pears for yourself, even if you don’t find a new world that makes you happy, you can return to ordinary life with peace of mind.

  TOP3 The story of the classic model of Fengyue Pretty Girl happened on Sunset Boulevard. This time Cinderella Vivian became a street blocker. She made the beast rich man a real prince. The prince’s kiss revived the beauty in her body, soThe story ends in a happy embrace.

  Susceptible people live in a bad situation and need to be aggressive.

You yearn for success, for the life related to elegance, but you find that you will not make a ladder, so you stare at the sky, waiting for that guy to fall at any time.

  Solution Throw away the book called “Glass Shoes”, start with learning a foreign language, and start learning a technique or knowledge that can truly become your specialty.

The self-rescue is God’s elect. You must fall in love with yourself first, and men will fall in love with you.

  TOP4 I am a charming woman in the classic mode of Mary Madness. After all, even a neurotic brother, she will be surrounded by all the men who have seen him, so Ted?

Stromaine had to go through a lot of suffering and torture. She was dead-hearted and unwilling to change her heart. It was at the moment when the ending song appeared that she gained her heart.

  The susceptible people think that they are pretty “beauties”. They habitually place two or three suitors on their palms to exercise their wrists, look at the injured men like anatomical frogs, and then only the last man who is the most prohibited from making.

  Solution As long as there is a man who spoils you in this world, you will not call yourself how arrogant.

Look at the woman who is reasonable and generous. Why did she get Prince Charming? All you have is a fleshy male slave?

  TOP5 Witch’s condition Classic mode problem Male student Kurosawa brings a completely different feeling to young female teacher Hirose Unknown, he is so fragile, so young, like a piece of crystal glass that needs to turn herself into velvet, so she really becameA piece of velvet was made, and he was finally shredded thoroughly.

  Elderly young women with a “Bodhisattva” complex in the susceptible crowd were completely moved by their dedication and compassion, and finally surrendered themselves completely.

  The solution asks yourself repeatedly, what do you love, is it a real person or is you an illusion?

If you need a flesh-and-blood love, then teach that hard man to soften, don’t worry about breaking him.

  TOP6 Jane?

The classic and wise woman who loves the classic mode also beats the beauty, if the man is equally wise, but he also has a crazy wife to make him less perfect, so she chooses to leave for the self-esteem of shit and the morality of shit, unlessHis wife was dead and blind, otherwise she would not return to him.

  Vulnerable people are women who make themselves less relaxed and free because they have knowledge, so you do n’t dare to love, do n’t dare to give, do n’t dare to reach for the grapes at hand, and you only need to tip your feet.

  Solution In this era, women are equal to beauties, not to mention you are intelligent beauties!

If you really see your goals, be forgiving, be bold, and be spicy, he must be yours!

  TOP7 The Legend of the Condor Heroes Episode Classic Mode Guo Xiang is a child of martial arts, and fell in love with Yang Shaoxia, who made all women cramp, this was the case from the beginning, and she told herself that such love is a belief, so she was deeply affectionateDeep to selflessness and no regrets, you can pray for Yang Guo and Yang Guo’s women in the moonlight, or you can follow him to jump off the cliff just to hand a needle to him and ask him to live.

  Susceptible people have narrower social aspects and are introverted and silent women.

You are in an environment composed almost entirely of women and married men. You like one of them, but it is extremely painful for his married status, and his wife is healthy and lively, and has a beautiful and passionate love. There is no redemption or diversion.Possible.

So you decide to make yourself noble, and you bless them from the heart. At the same time, you will not fall in love with other men anymore. Rather, you will let your heart grow and you will firmly close the door to other men.

  The solution first tell yourself that you can believe in a spirit, but don’t treat people as beliefs.

Then force yourself to make at least 3 ordinary friends of the opposite sex.

They may bring you 9 friends of the opposite sex, and in another deck of cards, maybe you will just touch that red peach K.

  TOP8 The troubled lady classic model Bai Ruide loves Scarlett, as if she owes her eighteenth life debt to pay off the interest once, so he does n’t care if she married a little, whether she loved herself or not,Two people’s love crystallized and aborted.It was not until the end that he gradually disappeared all his affection and left alone.

  The susceptible crowd is immersed in the care of the fool angel but hesitates to let go of the greedy girl who loves you. You splurge on his affection, as if he is a sesame seed that will never be squeezed, but one day when you call the door open,Grain sesame leaves you alone.

  Solution A healthy love system must be circulated. It must be closed and released. Do n’t do anything right now. Call the man who has always been a red heart to you. You do n’t have to suddenly become tender and scold him.Sentence is fine.

  TOP9 West Chamber Classic Mode Two people who have not seen the opposite sex meet on a night with too much hormone secretion, ancient temple, full moon, and two quatrains across the wall make two people who have seen each other fall in love, then the heroRescue the beauty, be the top scholar in the world, and the lovers of the world will become dependents.

  The innocent and imaginative female school students of the susceptible crowd are in a near-purely negative environment and are tempted by the first slightly pleasing man who appears in life.

  Solution Observe the details of the couple in the dream, talk to someone who hates him the most, and see what he doesn’t know about you.

 TOP10 The overwhelming housewife in classic mode of the bridge, Francisca, finally meets the person who will bring waves to her heart, but the husband who goes out will finally go home, and the fake monk she loves is alsoDestined to be on the road, so the relationship was deeply buried.

  Vulnerable young woman having a peaceful family life.

Everything becomes normal, and you start to want a little bit of trouble, of course, emotionally.

  The solution Let yourself do something!

Of course, it’s not housework or another derailment. Do something you really like, such as gardening, cutting, embroidery, and pottery, and let some activities that enrich your life appear in your life.

Beauty medicated stewed trotters

Beauty medicated stewed trotters

Summary: Beware of mooncake fattening traps The five major mooncake equations teach you to eat a healthy Mid-Autumn Festival.

How to eat moon cake is good for health?

Tell you the “trick” of eating moon cakes in baseball.

Mid-Autumn Festival is the most healthy way to eat moon cakes for the long holiday.

  [Raw materials]1 trotter (with skin), 5 red dates.

  [Method]After washing the trotters, cut 4 to 6 petals with a knife.

Boil the water, add the hoofs, blanch, boil several times, and skim.

Sit in a large casserole, let the water boil, boil the lower hoof, add the red dates that are soaked, boil, add cooking wine, turn to low heat and simmer until the hoof is soft, the meat is cooked, add salt, onion, pepper noodles, ginger, MSG, sugarEach amount, continue to simmer for 30 minutes.

  [Usage]Serve as a meal and take it at will.

  [Efficacy]and blood veins, moisturize the skin, fill kidney essence, strengthen waist and feet, and strengthen body fat.

  [Explanation]Skinned pig’s hoof bladder has unique nutritional health effects.

Modern nutrition research has proven that meat skin is rich in collagen and elastin. If human cells are particulate matter, the amount of water bound by the cells will be significantly reduced, making the skin dry and wrinkles, and the elderly will show weight loss and aging.

The trotter bladder is very nutritious and contains a large amount of protein, especially a large amount of skin protein. Like the meat skin, it is a good food for making the skin plump, moisturized, and strong.

Sun protection multiple skin quality is also important

Sun protection multiple skin quality is also important

Sunlight will not only make the skin darker, make the skin lose elasticity, and accelerate the aging speed is even more terrible.

The following explains in detail three aspects of how to sunscreen in daily life. Come and make up for it together!

  First, the sun is not in place, stains, wrinkles, visit the sun in advance to make the skin black?

We know this is not the case.

Beauty experts have found that ultraviolet rays can be divided into two types, UVA and UVB.

Among them, UVB is interrupted by the epidermis, which tans the skin. If exposed to the sun for a long time, UVB can also cause sunburn, such as epidermal burns.

UVA has stronger penetrating power than UVB and can penetrate deep into the dermis, causing permanent degradation of collagen and elastic fibers: the skin loses firmness and elasticity, and premature aging occurs.

  Sunscreen preparation before going out, facial sunscreen-apply skin sunscreen 30 minutes before going out, the amount of use is about the size of a dollar coin, evenly spread on the skin, do not ignore the nose, forehead, cheeks and other parts.

  B, eye and lips sunscreen-After applying sunscreen on the face, don’t forget to apply sunscreen for the eyes, or use SPF sunscreen eye cream for basic maintenance.

Apply sunscreen lip balm on the lips, usually around SPF20.

  C, body sun protection-hair, exposed areas need to use sunscreen products.

A day spray with sun protection is a good help to protect hair under the hot sun, and body sun lotion is recommended to choose a refreshing water latex that can be applied without being sticky.

  D, sun protection props-sun umbrellas, sun glasses, straw hats or cool hats with sun protection masks that can cover your face are all sun protection props that are not UV-protective.

  Second, the sunscreen of different skins should be oily / mixed. Regardless of whether it is oily in the T zone or the whole face is oily, you should pay attention to changing the viscosity of the transparent thin emulsion when choosing sunscreen products. In addition, some sunscreen milks contain special “fat-soluble formula””Or” oil-water separation formula “, usually can effectively reduce the oil content, increase the permeability, and make the product thin.

  If the acne skin is acne-prone skin, you may wish to pay attention to whether the product contains “Noncomedogenic”-this means that the main ingredients contained in sunscreen products will not actually cause serious acne.Designed for people with acne.

  For dry and dehydrated muscles, it is recommended to choose to add hydrating plants and mineral sunscreen milk, such as soybean, barley, oat germ extract, immediately soothing dry discomfort, repair and renew skin cells, and add vitamin E, vitamin C andIts derivatives, β-carotene and other ingredients can effectively prevent skin dryness and aging.

  Sensitive and fragile muscles. Sensitive and fragile skin. Before buying or using sunscreen products, you must pay attention to the main ingredients.

If you are allergic to fragrances, you may choose a safe sunscreen “designed for fragrance intolerance” when choosing sunscreen. If the label “low sensitivity” and “sensitivity test” on the box prove the productAvoid chemical sunscreens that are commonly allergic.

  Third, the first step of skin repair after sun exposure is to perform sedative repairs in time. The brakes can effectively improve the redness, fever, and peeling after sun exposure. At the same time, the dryness and tingling sensations are also quickly soothed, and the UV rays on the skinMinimal damage reduction.

  After Sun Soothing Spray-With mineral water, natural plant extracts and soothing factors as the main ingredients, it has a cool and calming effect, can alleviate the burning and tingling sensation of the skin after sun exposure, and at the same time replenishes moisture, alleviating skin problems after sun exposure.

  Sedative and Moisturizing Mask-Soak in cold water for 15-20 minutes in the first time after sun exposure and towel soak to cool the sun-red skin.

Immediately apply a moisturizing and whitening and moisturizing mask, which can help replenish skin moisture in a short time and relieve skin dehydration after sun exposure.

  After-Sun Repair Lotion-The use of natural plant extracts and hot spring water ingredients in it can alleviate sunburn in time, deeply repair damaged cells, timely replenish missing moisture, prevent wrinkles, and provide sufficient skin for sun-killed skin.Water and amino acids can achieve a good repair effect.

  Whitening Sunscreen Lotion-Next you should also pay attention to daytime sun protection.

So whitening sunscreen and night cream are essential.

During the day, while continuing to sunscreen, it strengthens skin resistance and protects against UV rays.

Deep repair and nourish at night, inhibit melanin deposits, and prevent pigmentation.

  Sunlight will not only make the skin darker, make the skin lose elasticity, and accelerate the aging speed is even more terrible.

The following explains in detail three aspects of daily sun protection. Come and make up for it together.

Borrowing aphrodisiac medicated diet aid

Borrowing aphrodisiac medicated diet aid

Men always want to be a strong man in the sex life.

Here are some aphrodisiac congee: 1.

Leek porridge: 150 grams of leek, 100 grams of rice.

Wash the rice, add water and cook until the porridge is ready, add the leek, and cook one or two. Serve once a day.

Can warm the kidney and impotence.


Suoyang porridge: Suoyang 15 grams, rice 100 grams, seasoning.

Wash the rice, decoction the Suoyang water, and cook the rice into porridge. When cooked, add salt, monosodium glutamate, spring onion, and ginger to the right amount. Boil it a little daily.

Can benefit liver and kidney, strong waist and knee.


Shredded porridge: 30 grams of dodder (doubled for fresh ones), 100 grams of rice, moderate sugar.

First, wash the dodder, mash it, decoct the juice, increase the rice and cook it into porridge. When it is cooked, mix it with sugar and take it 2 times a day.

It can nourish kidney and essence, warm Yang to cure atrophy.


Yang Qi Stone Porridge: 30 grams of Yang Qi, 10 grams of Cistanche, 50 grams of rice, some spices.

Cut the yangshi cloth, cut the citron, thinly, fry the juice, and increase the rice to cook into a gruel. When cooked, add green onion, ginger, and fine salt. Take one dose daily.

But Wenyang Yishen.


Cistanche lamb porridge: Cistanche 20 grams, mutton 250 grams, rice 50 grams.

Cut the hibiscus into pieces, chop the mutton, and wash the rice. After taking the hibiscus and boiling the water, separate the rice, boil and boil the lamb, cook until the porridge is cooked, take a little salt and take it daily.

But Wenyang Yijing.

  Some women’s sexual life after marriage is relatively indifferent due to physical fitness and other reasons.

In addition to paying attention to “preparation and induction” before sexual intercourse, you can also try some female foods.

Women’s Sexual Recipes are as follows: 1.

Two pig kidneys, 30 grams of Chinese wolfberry, branched into the fascia of the pig kidney, sliced, cooked into soup with wolfberry, seasoned.


Cordyceps 5-10, one male duck.

Remove the viscera of the male duck, wash it, put it in a casserole or aluminum pan, add Cordyceps sinensis, salt, ginger and shallot seasoning instead, add water and simmer over low heat, and simmer.


Cistanche 15g, decoction and slag for juice, and lamb, previously cooked with 100g each of rice, cooked rice thick soup, add green onions, ginger, salt for a while, eat in winter.


2 sparrows, shaved and viscera, added Cuscuta chinensis, medlar, 15 grams each, cooked and medicined and eaten soup.


30 grams of Chinese wolfberry and 1 pigeon. After shaving and viscera, put a proper amount of water in the saucepan, simmer in water, and eat meat and soup.


A cock, remove the internal organs, add oil and a small amount of salt and cook in a pan. Add 500 grams of glutinous rice wine in a large bowl and steam it over water.


1 fresh placenta, 10 grams of Cordyceps sinensis, stewed cooked in water.

250 grams of green shrimp, 100 grams of leek, washed, cut into sections, stir-fried green shrimp with vegetable oil, boiled rice wine, soy sauce, vinegar, ginger slices and other spices, then add chives and stir-fry, tender and ready to eat.

Nine monsters help you kill the career path

Nine monsters help you kill the career path

A handwritten note by Qian Zhihe will definitely make you stand out from the crowd!

  Hurry up: Write some words of gratitude, congratulation, praise on some small pieces of paper, and quietly put them on the table of others, which is warm and friendly, but not too serious.

  I look into your eyes. When your boss expands at the meeting, you have to follow her focus closely. There is no doubt that she has quietly made her feel good to you.

Whether it’s a one-on-one private conversation or a high-level gathering, try to tilt your head slightly and make eye contact with the introducer for a few seconds from time to time!

  Read more professional books Very professional books are too boring?

But they can help you in critical moments!

  Don’t be afraid of the chaotic data, don’t hate the deep professional vocabulary, please be patient to read one or two professional books related to the company’s business.

The next time you hold a regular meeting, your joining will be a blockbuster and will make you stand up and take notice.

  It ‘s not that I ‘m careless and honest, humbly saying “I ‘m so stupid, too careless” can completely break the deadlock and win reconciliation.On a smart white-collar worker.

Admitting mistakes and foolish words, people will gradually believe that you are such a bad person.

Sometimes it is not necessary to accept it on behalf of someone.

  The warm little hands . When your boss finds your personality, place his hand on the table naturally so that the boss can see them clearly.

This is a small detail, but the meaning is extraordinary: you can generously put your hands in the outside field of vision, which can make the other party eliminate all caution, but also convey: you have nothing to hide,Candid inside.

  Large piles of small files on Kiyoshi Kiyano’s desktop are the most dreadful sights when you enter the door!

  According to statistics, almost 80% of the storage paper in the office is useless waste.

You can organize it thoroughly. Except for the remaining files that are not backed up by the computer, the rest are sent to the trash can, which is invisible.

  Being a good parrot person Yun Yiyun is of course annoying, but when you are waiting for the boss’s instructions, it is best to repeat his order constantly, not only to avoid mistakes, but also to make the boss feel that you are cautious and quick.

  Sitting in rows, eating fruit in the office, how to “sit” is definitely an art.

The next time you hold a regular meeting, some of you will suddenly rise up a lot if you sit next to the host of the meeting.

  Don’t make friends in the office. Usually when you go to work on the first day, there will always be a enthusiastic person who will do the work for you, give you the opportunity and let you know the inside of the company in just a few hours, But also exhausted your words.

But soon you will find that the one who hurt you in the rumors behind you is the “good friend”.

  This is a very common office phenomenon, and many people are often planted in “office friendship”.

Don’t try to develop friendships in the office, and don’t talk to someone in the back of your head.

Sweet treats are delicious and cough

Sweet treats are delicious and cough

In winter, people are prone to coughs, and some people do not like taking medicine. In fact, diet therapy is a good choice.

In addition to “good cough suppressant” fragrant pear, nuts and lily can also effectively cough.

Here are five delicious and well-made dietary treatments: Lohan Sydney drink one clean Lo Han Guo, two Sydney into a casserole, add purified water, put on the fire, first boil with a high fire, and change to a low fire, Boil for 20-30 minutes, drain the water, and replace it when the temperature is suitable.

  Luo Han Guo has a sweet and cool taste, has the effects of relieving cough and asthma, antipyretic and antipyretic, cooling and relieving heat, and when combined with the pear that clears heat and nourish the stomach and nourishes yin and lungs, its effect of nourishing yin and clearing heat and cough is stronger.

For acute and chronic pharyngitis, cough and other diseases.

In addition, the use of Blended Mangosteen alone, soaked in boiling water for half an hour, and substitute for tea, has a certain effect on cough caused by pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis.

  Steamed pears Wash and remove the pears, then take 3 grams of Fritillaria chuanxiensis, 6 grams of 100 parts, 6 grams of tangerine peel, wash them and put them in the heart of the pear, steam them in a pot, and eat one daily.

Steaming pears to relieve cough and reduce phlegm has a better effect on cough caused by bronchitis.

  Pear is sweet, slightly acidic, enters the lung and stomach meridians, can be refreshed and moistened, clearing heat and reducing phlegm; Chuanbei mother moisturizes the lungs and coughs up phlegm; Baibu warms the lungs and coughs;

  Sanren porridge is selected with 5 grams of white nuts, 10 grams of sweet almonds, and 50 grams of walnuts.

Wash the three kernels first, add water to the pot and cook for 20 minutes, then put the previous rice and cook until the rice is cooked and ready to eat, add a small amount of rock sugar.

  Ginkgo has a sweet and bitter taste, which can converge the lung qi, settle cough, and even stop enuresis; sweet almonds moisturize the lungs and cough; walnut kernels and kidney tonics;

  Tremella lily drink 10 grams of white fungus, soak in water for 12 hours, put in a bowl, add 20 grams of rock sugar, 10 grams of lily, put the bowl in a steamer, simmer for 1 hour, mix with honey, start dailyTaken on an empty stomach, it has the effect of nourishing the lungs, relieving cough and asthma, and is suitable for cough patients with dry cough, low phlegm and dry throat asthma.

Myth: Smelling chickens dancing is not good

Myth: “Smelling chickens dancing” is not good

Young people are a bit “lazy”. The survey results show that 11% of young people in their 20s and 30s have morning exercise habits, 7% of those in their 30s and 40s, and 31% of those over 50 years old.
People under the age of 50 are the main force in social construction, and their health is important to the family and society as a whole.
But these people have neglected their physical health because of work stress or because of heavy family burdens.
In their eyes, early exercise is the only “work” in the “three mornings” that can be performed less or not.
  32-year-old Lin Xiaoran is doing insurance work, and visiting her customers every day to expand her business makes her feel exhausted.
“From morning to night, how can I have time and energy to exercise.
“Lin Xiaoran said, running business every day, Luke didn’t take less.
I just want to take a break when I get home. I am too tired to exercise.
  Mr. Li, who developed the habit of exercising early after retiring, said that when he was young, he worked in a machinery factory in Harbin.
I am busy working during the day and taking care of my family. My favorite is to rest and sleep.
Retired, I always feel weak on my legs.
Later, he went to the waterfront with his wife to exercise.
Physical exercise and jogging during this time also made my body tough.
  In terms of exercise methods, experts suggest that middle-aged and elderly people should mainly take more relaxed exercises such as walking, jogging, and Taijiquan. Low-intensity exercises can also get good results.
  Exercise intensity should be appropriate. In the survey, 43% of middle-aged people with early exercise habits chose ball games and 36% chose equipment.
Among young people, 26% choose jogging, and 16% think aerobics is better.
Many people believe that the greater the intensity of exercise, the better the effect.
  Sun Yu, 24, got up early to exercise and played basketball.
Sun Yu said that every time he didn’t play sore limbs, he didn’t feel addicted.
After playing the ball, I was sweating and went home to take a shower and go to work.
  In this regard, Sun Zhibo, a lecturer in the Department of Human Sciences at Harbin Institute of Physical Education, believes that muscle pain indicates excessive exercise or improper training.
Because muscles move too fast, the lactic acid concentration in the muscle tissue increases, which causes pain in the nerve endings of the muscles.
Excessive exercise easily leads to physical injury, the body is difficult to adapt, severe fatigue, sore body, and can cause tendon and muscle strain.
  In addition, due to the large differences in the human body, some people are prone to sweating, while others are less prone to sweating, so sweating cannot be used as a judge of exercise effects.
Warming up before exercise is important.
Therefore, the correct exercise method is to start with a small amount of exercise, small amplitude and simple movements, so that the body has a process of adaptation and reasonable fatigue through the fatigue period.
  Fasting and full meals are not suitable for exercise. The survey results show that 26% of morning exercisers do not have the habit of eating breakfast. This group of people think that exercise after breakfast is likely to cause stomach sag.
In contrast to these people, 32% of them have a rest and exercise after eating.
  In this regard, sports experts point out that it is best to drink a glass of honey water or eat a few small cakes in the morning and morning exercises, as this can provide the body with the necessary heat.
Otherwise, severe hypoxia in the body can cause shock.
On the contrary, it is wrong to exercise after a full meal.
Eating small amounts before exercise is not a substitute for breakfast. You can eat breakfast 10 minutes after exercise.
  In addition, because there is no sunlight in the trees before dawn, photosynthesis cannot be performed, and there will be dizziness and brain dizziness in the woods that “breathe” overnight carbon dioxide.
Therefore, it is not appropriate to get up early in the morning to choose among the trees.

Try liver nourishing porridge in spring

Try liver nourishing porridge in spring

Spring is the season for the recovery of all things.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver is similar to the grass and trees, and the grass germinates and grows in the spring; the liver is also more active in the spring.

Therefore, nourishing the liver in the spring is the first to nourish the liver.

Here are some of the liver nourishing porridge, you may wish to try.

  Celery porridge 150 grams, previously 100 grams of rice, washed with celery roots, boiled with water, take juice and take porridge with rice.

In the spring, liver yang is easy to move, which often makes people have headaches and dizziness. People with this disease and middle-aged and elderly people often eat celery porridge, which has certain benefits in regulating kidneys, lowering blood pressure and reducing irritability.

  Spinach porridge 250 grams of spinach, 250 grams of previous rice, salt, MSG each amount.

Wash the spinach, blanch it in boiling water and cut into sections. Before putting the rice in the pot, add an appropriate amount of water and cook until the rice is cooked.Serve.

Spinach porridge has better adjuvant treatment for hypertension, headache, dizziness, anemia, and diabetes caused by insufficient liver and yin.

  Chrysanthemum porridge 15 grams of chrysanthemum, previously 100 grams of rice.

The chrysanthemum was washed, and the rice was washed before.

Chrysanthemum, put the rice in the pot before, add an appropriate amount of water, cover, boil on high heat, and simmer until the porridge is ready.

The porridge disperses wind and heat, clears the liver, and lowers blood pressure.

It is suitable for dizziness, headache, red eyes, scabies, swelling and poison, and essential hypertension.

  The plum porridge is 5 grams of white plum, 80 grams of previous rice. Boil the previous rice into porridge, add white plum, and boil for two or three minutes. You can eat one bowl at each meal for three to five days.

Plum blossoms are flat, can relieve liver and qi, and stimulate appetite.

People who have anorexia eat better, and those who are healthy eat more calories.

  Mulberry porridge 30g (60g for fresh mulberry), 60g sticky rice, moderate sugar.

Wash the mulberries, cook with glutinous rice, and add rock sugar after cooking.

The porridge can nourish the liver and yin and nourish the eyesight.

Applicable to dizziness caused by liver and kidney deficiency, insomnia and more dreams, tinnitus, backache, early whitening, etc.

  Cassia seed porridge 10 grams, 60 grams of rice, a small amount of rock sugar.

First add cassia seeds to water and cook for the right amount.

Then use its juice and rice to cook together, add porridge after adding porridge.

The porridge has clear liver, eyesight, and laxative.

It is suitable for redness and swelling of eyes, photophobia and tears, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, habitual constipation, etc.

Sanjiubuyi winter cold winter drink Astragalus Codonopsis wu chicken soup_1

Drinking Astragalus, Dangshen and Black Chicken Soup

January 6 entered the first solar term since 2015-Osamu.

Chinese medicine believes that cold is a yin, and the coldest solar terms are also the period when the yin is the most prosperous. From the perspective of diet and health, special attention should be paid to eating more warm food in the daily diet to nourish the body and prevent cold weatherInvasion.
Xiaohan’s tonic has to be fully attacked. Today, I will introduce a soup that helps tonicate-Astragalus Dangshen and Black Chicken Soup.

Ingredients of Astragalus Codonopsis and Black Chicken Soup: half of black chicken, 10 grams of Astragalus, 10 grams of Codonopsis, 6 jujubes, salt, water amount2. Add all the ingredients to the stew pot, add water to completely accumulate no ingredients, and simmer on medium heat for one and a half hours, take out and add a small amount of salt to taste and serve.

First, the Qi deficiency in winter can be supplemented with medicine and food. The so-called Qi deficiency refers to a series of pathological changes and symptoms caused by insufficient vitality. The method of traditional Chinese medicine for treating Qi deficiency syndrome, also known as Yiqi, is a tonic method.

People with qi deficiency often have symptoms such as weakness, paleness, shortness of breath, weakness in the limbs, dizziness, sweating during movement, low voice, and even breathlessness when climbing stairs.

Qi deficiency syndromes are often caused by eating disorders, old age and frailty, and chronic diseases, and clinical signs of visceral function decline.

According to the clinical manifestations of qi deficiency syndrome in different internal organs, different methods of invigorating the qi, such as invigorating the lungs, invigorating the spleen, invigorating the heart, and invigorating the kidney, etc. can be used.Medications include ginseng, codonopsis, astragalus, atractylodes, yam, etc. Qi supplements include beef, chicken, pork, glutinous rice, soybeans, white lentils, jujube, catfish, carp, quail, scallion, shrimp, mushrooms, etc.

For those with qi deficiency, they can accurately match the medicinal materials and food ingredients, which can make the benefits more effective.

Second, Astragalus Codonopsis is a good product for invigorating qi, but the medication needs to be symptomatic and slightly warm, returning to the lungs, spleen, liver, kidney meridian, treating yin deficiency and night sweats, yang weakness, lung qi deficiency syndrome, etc. It is also effective for acute and chronic nephritis edema.There are therapeutic effects.

The folk circulates that “often drink Astragalus Decoction, prevent disease and keep healthy”.

Modern medical research shows that astragalus has enhanced immune function, liver protection, diuretic, anti-aging, anti-stress, antihypertensive and broader antibacterial effects.

Can eliminate experimental nephritis proteinuria, enhance myocardial contractility, and regulate blood sugar content.

Astragalus can expand coronary arteries at both ends, improve myocardial blood supply, improve immune function, and can delay the process of cell aging.

Astragalus is easy to eat, can be decoction, decoction, dipping wine, etc.

Codonopsis is flat and sweet. It is commonly used for spleen and lung qi deficiency, fatigue, lack of food, cough, asthma, qi and blood deficiency. Although Codonopsis ginseng is a good medicine to invigorate qi, ginseng is usually used to replenish vitality and restore energy.It is the agent of tigers and wolves that people need to hang or shock at the moment, and the long-term physical decline, daily conditioning and other multi-medicated Codonopsis to gently tonic.

It should be noted that both Astragalus and Codonopsis are Chinese medicinal materials, which need to be used symptomatically to function, otherwise they may be self-defeating.

Before choosing a formula for supplementing qi, it is recommended to consult a professional TCM practitioner or Chinese medicine practitioner before scientific compatibility and appropriate supplementation.

Trying to marry myself from the age of 25

Trying to marry myself from the age of 25

Boys become married and women get married. The influence of the transfer network in people’s lives has intensified. Too many people have chosen to “download” the other half online. On the Internet, men and women have more expectations and panic about loveMuch more directly exposed.

On the online influential Century Jiayuan website, through an investigation of 20,000 “single men”, another interesting “love survey report” was recently released. In this report, the gender panic index for love was mentioned for the first time.The most conspicuous location.

  The higher the education level, the later the panic can not help but be surprised. The education level is actually an important factor that affects the “love panic age.”

As long as you go to the website of matchmaker, you will find that the age difference of panic caused by different education is quite obvious.

Female: 22 years old in college, 25 years old in undergraduate and master’s degree, 27 years old in doctor’s degree; Male: 22 years old in college, 23 years old in bachelor’s degree, 25 years old in master’s degree, 28 years old in doctor’s degree.

But in general, the 25-year-old is the age group where love panic comes into scale.

  Just a careful observation can sum up a rule: the panic of love almost always occurs within one to three years after finishing school.

During this time, most people were able to find a more satisfactory job. When the material foundation was fixed, the idea of finding emotions began to jump in their heads.

From another perspective, this seems to be wise. The stronger the academic ability is, the stronger the competitiveness of love may be. Therefore, such self-confidence psychologically leads to the age division of love panic.

  From this point of view, the alternation of education levels can determine the rich and poor of the income to a certain extent, and it can also become a self-confident capital, making you more confident in your marriage.

  Men and women panic “at the same time”?

  From the analysis of the membership structure of Century Jiayuan, the 25-year-old is Dao Menyun. It seems that after stepping through this cloud, all men and women are suddenly awakened, and they are anxious to find someone to stop the life-long event.

  According to traditional thinking, it is easy for a woman over 25 to have a heart to marry.

In most marriages, older men are men, and siblings have not yet become mainstream.

Then the problem arose, and the young women quickly realized that their youth and shaohua were a kind of “consumable” that was not easy to save, and began to worry that they would one day become a big problem.

If the 25-year-old hasn’t found a way out for love, then don’t panic.

  What about men?

This is a bit strange.

Why does a man who thinks of a flower become so anxious now?

Can it be understood that, compared with women, monkey anxious men are more in a wait-and-see attitude.

After all, in terms of marriage age, men are generally higher than women.

Then, the love panic of men is a fake, and the panic of men and women at the same time also turns into an illusion.

According to the age difference of men and women, it is estimated that men’s love panic is three years later than women’s.

  The most dangerous reporter of the Three High Women found through investigation that members between the ages of 25 and 30 are most likely to find friends, and are also popular fried chicken on matchmaking and dating sites.

After the age of 30, the success curve of playing friends will be bearish all the way, and the degree of difficulty will increase geometrically, especially for women.

  Among them, women with high education, high income and senior age are the least favored.

High age is the inevitable result of high education and high income. Generally, women in the top three are mostly over 30 years old.

Due to the influence of traditional concepts, most men feel that men must be superior to women in marriage, so women with three highs have indisputably brought a sense of oppression to men and are difficult to approach.

Many men are unwilling to hurt their self-esteem in their marriage to the Three High Women.

  Experts help you through the panic psychology (consultant Lu Feng): Love panic is a common “illness” and can be contagious.

In fact, some people do not feel that there is nothing wrong with being in love when they are alone, but when they see someone else Qing Qing time, they feel itchy immediately.

This is just a connection between the picture in front of me and the future fantasy, not jealousy.

  At about 25 years old, it can be said that people’s cognition of emotions is truly mature. At this age, people’s thoughts are often more emotional than rational, and the desire for love is the most eager.

Therefore, love panic often erupts for the first time at this time.

In higher urban life, under the pressure of various pressures, many young people have no time or ability to seriously maintain a relationship. When the inner desire for love becomes more and more intense, the symptoms of panic become more and more serious.
  Many people don’t bother to face their love panic disorder, in fact, this is not a shame.

Don’t deliberately pursue anything in order to get love, let it be, relax your mind, cherish the person in front of you, love will come as expected, and panic will no longer be.

  Five Symptoms of Love Panic1, eager to know the opposite sex through various channels, and then get a love.  2, because there is no romance, so often do nothing after work, and then like to go to the supermarket alone.

  3. I feel bored and very looking forward to being a light bulb.

  4, passionately love infatuated male or female protagonists in love scenes.

  5. Clearly remember every wedding you attended.

  Love panic live version of a woman should not be too strong Du Lihua female 30-year-old senior executive of a foreign company may not panic?

The slogan of our generation of women is that men and women are equal, and support their own half of the world, so I am dedicated to my own career, and then study MBA, work twelve hours a day, not to mention playing with friends, opportunities to meet strange men are rarevery.

  Always thought that not afraid of men is a strong woman.

But when I was finally willing to take a rest, I suddenly realized that I had missed too much about love.

I dare not claim that I am a three-high woman, but the men around me have no interest in me except to show appreciation.

So I realized that in fact, for love, strong women have no added value.

  I haven’t been to a matchmaking agency, I’ve only been online to make friends, and I’m afraid of being beaten up.

Anxious for myself, what can happen?

If I had only worked for 8 hours a day, maybe my love would not have reached where I am today.

  Men don’t necessarily have many opportunities. Zhong Qiang, a 36-year-old sales manager, doesn’t know who said 30 is a flower.

This feeling can only be maintained before the age of 30. How many girls will look at this slightly flamboyant petunia after the age of 30?

  Men of this age are sad, more than 20 little girls think that I am too old; beautiful women in their 30s are more practical, I think I am not enough standards; I am not willing to be too unwilling if the conditions are too bad, but love ca n’t make up.

  Persuade other men that love must also be on time and attendance, not too early or too late, let alone feel good about themselves. Men are no more expensive than women.