Five small recipes to solve myopia

Five small recipes to solve myopia

Chinese traditional medicine is vast and profound, with deep research on various diseases, and the use of unique Chinese medicine theories and methods can cure many diseases that cannot be cured by western medicine.

Today I recommend five small recipes for myopia, so that patients can easily solve the myopia troubles!


Eye-catching soup Indications: myopia.

 Recipe: 10 grams of wolfberry, 3 grams of peel, 10 longan meat, 1 spoon of honey.

  Usage: Put the wolfberry and Chenpi in gauze, tie it together with longan meat, add water to the pot, and boil for half an hour, take the longan meat and soup, and add honey for snacks.


Sheep liver porridge Indications: Myopia and dizziness caused by insufficient liver blood.

 Recipe: One sheep liver, 30 grams of shallots, 30 grams of rice.

  Usage: Cut the sheep liver into thin pieces and wash the rice.

First fry the shallots and juice, add lamb liver, and cook the rice into gruel.

When cooked, add salt to take.


Indications of pig liver: blood does not support the liver, hyperopia and weakness.

 Recipe: 125 grams of pork liver, 15 grams of light onion, 1 egg, moderate amount of tartar sauce.

  Usage: Cut the pork liver into thin slices, lightly remove the fibrous roots, cut into short knots, stir in the simmered juice, and then break the eggs, mix the egg yolks into the soup, and then simmer into the soup.


Gui Qishan Squint Indications: Myopia.

 Formula: 15 grams of longan meat, 15 grams of Chinese wolfberry, 15 grams of mangosteen meat, 1 pair of pig (cow, sheep) eyes.

  Usage: Wash the pig’s eyes and add stew with longan meat, wolfberry, and mangosteen.


Spinach Pork Liver Decoction Indication: Blood deficiency and vision loss.

 Recipe: 125 grams of spinach, 125 grams of pork liver, cooked lard, ginger, spring onion, clear soup, salt, water bean powder, MSG.

  Usage: Wash the spinach, blanch in boiling water for a while, remove the astringency, cut into sections, slice the pork liver into thin slices, mix well with salt, monosodium glutamate, and water bean powder, boil the clear soup, and add the washed ginger., Cut into short sections of light white, cooked lard and so on.

After cooking for a few minutes, add the mixed pork liver slices and spinach to the liver slices. Cook the spinach and serve with the meal.

  Traditional Chinese medicine treatment of myopia is a method widely recognized by patients. You can choose the treatment method that suits you according to your own situation.

In addition, due to different personal constitutions, patients are reminded to consult with their doctors when using remedies.

Pregnant women do more yoga to help delivery (Figure)

Pregnant women do more yoga to help delivery (Figure)

Pregnant women practicing yoga can enhance physical strength and muscle tension, enhance the body’s sense of balance, and improve the flexibility and flexibility of the entire muscle tissue.

  In the first stage of pregnancy, any laborious physical exercises performed by pregnant women often fail to persist and eventually give up.

It is recommended that pregnant women start exercising from the 4th month of pregnancy.

For mothers who have no history of miscarriage and are active and healthy, as long as they feel ready, they can begin to do some gentle exercises to strengthen the body and increase muscle flexibility and tension.

  Throughout the pregnancy, pregnant women can practice different yoga poses, but it must be based on personal needs and comfort. Yoga practice varies from person to person and must be coordinated with the person’s physical condition.

  If you feel uncomfortable while practicing.

You can switch to an exercise position that suits you better.

  Pregnant women practicing yoga can enhance physical strength and muscle tension, enhance the body’s sense of balance, and improve the flexibility and flexibility of the entire muscle tissue.
At the same time, it stimulates the glands that control hormone secretion, increases blood circulation, accelerates blood circulation, and can control breathing well.

Practicing yoga can also pressurize and massage the internal organs.

In addition, yoga for the abdomen can help reshape your body after childbirth.

  Yoga is good for improving sleep, eliminating insomnia, and making people healthy and comfortable.

Form a positive and healthy attitude towards life.

Yoga also helps people make self-breakthroughs and bring their bodies together.

  But note that yoga is not the only way to make pregnancy and childbirth safer and smoother.

Yoga simply helps pregnant women exercise properly throughout the pregnancy.

“Delivery” consumes a lot of physical energy, so most pregnant women will feel horrified and disturbed before the birth of labor. This is normal.

Practicing yoga can make this process easy and simple and help pregnant women maintain a peaceful mindset before giving birth.

everyone is unique

everyone is unique

I rarely go directly to graduate special recruitment.

When I arrived at the job fair in Guangdong today, I felt not an excitement but also a depression.

This is my 5th year as Director of Human Resources.

Over the past five years, China ‘s graduates have more than doubled, and in 2006 they will exceed 3.6 million.

The time to enter the venue has not yet arrived, and there have been several 100-meter “human dragons” outside the ticket sales point.

At this moment, a tinge of sorrow passed in my heart.

Many years ago, I once lined up in the middle of the crowd with full of expectations, went to submit 3 or 5 resumes, and started a longer wait . Everyone is unique. I made some statisticsI also thought about some details.

The level of salary offered by college students is roughly as follows: Graduate students: more than 4,000 yuan.

Undergraduates: 2000-3500 yuan.

College students: Basically all mentioned below 2000.

Among them, the technology category (such as Web development) is relatively high, ranging between 3000-3500 yuan.

These data, except for the slight decline in graduate students, are higher than last year.

It may be better that it is just now that we can’t grasp the criterion of the competition line. Instead, I hope it is because the job market is warming up (but we can’t see this phenomenon).

  In general, when I receive my resume, I will not ask or see if the candidate is from these schools (I never judge students by school).

But when they answered the salary requirements, comparing their resumes, I found that they almost reached the point where they asked the price to know the school.

There are several technical college students, all of whom say 800 yuan. I asked them: “Why do you mention this number?

“They said,” Because our teacher said that our current competitiveness is about 800 yuan.

“This guideline for” mass production, uniform price “for students makes me sad for them.

The teacher ‘s “guidance” expands and completely destroys their system education and confidence over the past three years, and also destroys and destroys this school-it is undeniable that indeed the market is recruiting at this price.

However, students are not pure products, and everyone is unique. How can such unified guidance be done?

Why wouldn’t some individual more confidently propose 1,000 or 1,500 yuan?

The biggest and most fundamental difference between the “good school” and the “bad school” I know today is the transformation of students’ self-confidence.

  Your eyes have positioned your own interview today. I will give everyone no more than 5 minutes.

“If you describe your strengths in two sentences without thinking, I’ll recruit you, maybe 1 minute.

“I had a student who thought I was good. She only used one page of her resume to express her advantages and characteristics. When I decided to recruit her, I used to look at my resume and didn’t see her school name.”Why didn’t you write the school name?

“Because . my school is not so good .” I still asked her school, then picked up the pen, wrote her her alma mater in her resume, and put the resume in front of her eyes: “Is there?Wrong?


  If I was in charge of education, I had a large enough hammer, and I would scoop up and smash all Chinese schools, because no school would dare to stand up and say: Our school is “teaching to be human”–All are “teaching”.

  Of course, there are also students who are very good at selling themselves.

For example, there is a student who applied for web design, because what he does is on the school’s intranet, and he can’t show his work to me. He and I said, “I put my work on a professional friend collectionYou can see.

“I decided to inform him to come to work.

He comes from students who are regarded as “bad schools”, but he is good at using multiple ways to express their advantages and become the key to them to win my trust.

  It is not “seeking” a job, but asking me to “please” summarize your feelings today. I think: before graduation, you lose your job, not because there is no job offer, not because the structure of employability is unbalanced; the key to difficult employment is not because of graduationThere are more students, education level declines, and even the ability of self-awareness is blurred. Employment confidence and self-worth expectations are reduced.

It is a good thing that Tianzhi Jiaozi’s arrogant attitude disappears, but instead of being balanced, ordinary, it is still an inferiority, impetuous, and dazed.

  You can think that I put on a show and pose, but as a graduate, I believe that you are still willing to listen to a 5 year human resources director and a human resources worker who has had 10,000 interviews. You are “dissatisfied” with you: Don’t hand me a flashy resume, give me a concise (not simple) and can highlight your own expression-in the face of thousands of job applicants, you really think HR will see your 100 people haveAre there 99 or so cover letters and resume-book-bound resume templates?

  Do n’t tell me too much about yourself, I do n’t dare to say that you were judged correctly in 3 or 5 minutes, but within 30 seconds I freeze your first impression; the reason why I ended your interview soon isThere are so many people waiting in line behind you. I used to wait so hard as a graduate. I just wanted to give more people a chance equal to yours. Then I will select and ask you to come to my office to try again.; You think I have given you too little time, and the moment you show your disappointment, you lose the chance to get another test.

I always insist: Your faith is my hope.

Your job opportunity is not for me, or your own.  Don’t make a gesture of “I will do anything as long as you recruit me”. This will give me a feeling of “sell yourself”. I ask you because you will create value for the company, so you are not “seeking” a job, butI invite you.

It’s not asking you to raise your posture, it’s just asking you to raise your chest.

  Don’t be afraid to say and write down the school you graduated from, no matter how bad she is, where you came from.

I do n’t want people like this: when I saw his parents, I did n’t dare to recognize them because of their bad background; or when I had a larger company interview, I was embarrassed to say that I was from a company other than a Fortune 500 company.
For the company, your value and value determine everything.

  Don’t list me a lot of your academic achievements and so-called internships in the army, you just need to pick a special thing, explain the process and results point-wise, and let me know how you do things.

  Don’t dare to look at me with your eyes, I look down on you when you dare not look at me.

  Don’t make so much nonsense when answering “your salary requirements”.

I don’t care if you say 5000 or 1500. What I care is that you say a number, the look.

I think everyone has the right to self-assess the value of the labor force (but the company has its own compensation system and won’t treat you specially), but I like straightforward colleagues, straightforward is a kind of confidence, a style of doing things,It is also a life attitude.

I will stubbornly think: how many characters you bring before and after this number means how obstructive you are; or how erratic your self-knowledge and self-confidence are.

  Life is short and worthless. Tell others that you are unique, that you are you, and that you are what you are.

Stimulate Extramarital Love

Stimulate Extramarital Love

Extramarital affairs are against traditional moral concepts and social morality.

Great harm to individuals, families and society.

It is a very headache.

So what causes extramarital affairs?

  After years of analysis of domestic extramarital affairs, the results show that the main reasons for the formation of extramarital affairs are as follows: 1.
Life is lonely and tedious. If married life is frustrated and unsatisfactory, many people will find other ways or stimuli to get their own psychological satisfaction and balance.

A certain kind of marriage life makes people feel lonely and boring. The mutual intimacy of the husband and wife cannot bring life pleasure to each other. At this time, the third party has the opportunity to have extramarital affairs.

Especially for those couples who have been living apart from each other for a long time, when they see other people ‘s couples in pairs, they are sweet and loving, and they will inevitably feel lost and unbalanced, so it ‘s easy to find another “gentle village”.

  Another situation is that the marriage life is too monotonous and lacks new ideas. It is the same thing every day and the same life style. At this time, the feelings tend to be dull and tasteless, and life is not fun.

In this case, the novelty stimulus of extramarital love is more likely to stand out, grabbing people’s hearts, making love attachments impossible.

Emotional disagreement and the relationship between husband and wife are the basis of marriage. If husband and wife are in conflict, it can easily lead to various problems in marriage.

If husbands and wives have a long period of lack of communication and emotional disagreement, then they can easily accept other inducements or find other emotional comforts and seek emotional compensation.

Unwilling couples who are not as good as others are emotionally good, but after a long time, they find that they do not share common interests. Instead, the wife likes to dance, but the husband only likes to play cards. The husband loves literature and art, but the wife has a passion for fashion.Zhong; his wife has great ideals, but her husband is content with the status quo; her husband is struggling, but his wife is not aggressive.

These differences in interests, hobbies, and aspirations make the two people less and less have a common language, and the pace is also a serious substitute.

If at this time you meet “sound friends” outside, it is easy to make people surrounded by extramarital affairs.

Sexual disharmony is also one of the leading causes of extramarital affairs.

If marriage does not have a harmonious sex life, it is impossible to maintain it.

Even if the relationship between the two parties is good, how many people can live a “Plato” -style love life all their lives?

At this time, extramarital affairs seem to be unavoidable.

People who like the new and hate the old are very difficult to characterize, especially on emotional issues, it is easy to see one loves the other, and in the end do not know who they love.

If this happens before marriage, it may be understandable, but once married, you must be responsible to your lover and family.

This kind of new and disgusting old thinking coupled with the unhappy life of marriage, even if the person who marries himself is the “favorite”, it will change.

  Because the old lover’s highlights are mostly shortcomings, while the new lover’s highlights are mostly advantages. Compare the advantages of others with the shortcomings of your lover. Of course, your lover is much inferior, and the occurrence of extramarital affairs is inevitable.Already.
The media’s high influence on many film and television dramas, books, etc. all reflect the phenomenon of extramarital affairs, but the focus of their descriptions may not necessarily be the consequences of extramarital affairs, or rendering celebrities’ extramarital affairs phenomenon, making people wonder, it is also copied in their own lives, Causing many family marriage problems.

  Recognizing the above reasons for extramarital affairs, let us look at the dangers of extramarital affairs.

One is endangering one’s mental health, causing severe mental stress and trouble that cannot be solved.

The second is endangering the mental health of the family.

Extra-marital affairs are extremely traumatic to lovers and children.

The third is harming society.

Extramarital affairs lead to many contradictions, and even cause many social problems, increasing the crime rate.

  Therefore, addressing the problem of extramarital affairs is something that society and every family should do.

In order to maintain the harmony and happiness of the family, we must focus on the other party, consider everything about the other party, strengthen communication and understanding with each other, make life more interesting, and let both husband and wife be satisfied and find a balance in the marriage.Can well relieve the psychological barriers of both parties; avoid the occurrence of extramarital affairs.

  In addition, the whole society should vigorously promote the normal level of marriage, condemn extramarital affairs, combat such unhealthy practices, and get caught in the wrongness and guilt of extramarital love, so that extramarital love has no place to grow and grow.

The effect of black plum: hangover, anti-aging and constipation

The effect of black plum: hangover, anti-aging and constipation

1. Protect the digestive system. Ume has a disinfection function and prevents food from decaying in the stomach.

  2. Eliminate constipation Malic acid directs the right amount of water to the large intestine, forms feces and is excreted.

  3. Prolonging anorexia without appetite is that some organs in the body do not operate well, the function of the stomach and large intestine is not good, and appetite is also poor after illness.

If you want to recover quickly, you need to eat. What can help restore appetite is to eat a black plum every day.

  4, anti-aging If you really want to enjoy long life, you should not be tortured by aging diseases.

Eating blackberry stimulates the secretion of parotid hormones, which can prevent deterioration.

So start today and eat one ume every day.

  5, clean blood Modern people like to eat nothing more than refined foods such as refined white cereals, refined white bread, refined white noodles, refined white sugar, chemical seasonings and animal food.

Eating these foods will cause a sharp increase in toxins in the blood. Over time, blood circulation deteriorates and acid is produced.

Eating a black plum per day can help to clean up the blood, normalize blood flow, and eliminate excess acid.

  6, pregnant women antiemetic Many pregnant women want to eat sour food without touching greasy foods and sweets, this is a natural reaction.

When a woman is pregnant, her blood becomes acidic, and her stomach and liver function and energy are reduced.

When the body is too acidic, calcium will be lost, so some pregnant women’s teeth will become loose, and even some pregnant women’s emotions will fluctuate up and down, it is recommended that pregnant women eat a black plum every day to reconcile.

  7. The hangover function Wumei also has a good effect on bad breath and hangover. When celebrating the festive season, it is inevitable that you will drink a few more cups. When you wake up and have a headache, you can try drinking a cup of Wumeifan tea.

The method is as follows: use a black plum, soak it in a cup of warm water for about 5 minutes, then add a teaspoon of tea leaves and drink slowly.

  8. Increase energy When blood is purified, metabolism will increase and the body will naturally recover energy.

Umeli’s citric acid helps to absorb vitamins and enzymes, as well as prevent disease and reduce fatigue.

The elderly health care should pay attention to step by step

The elderly health care should pay attention to “step by step”

People have to walk slowly every day, but the elderly should walk slowly but not fast.
Walking slowly can prevent falls from causing femur, tibia fractures, or other problems.
Take a slow walk, usually about 60-70 steps per minute, and the time is about 30 minutes.
Elderly people with poor physiques should use suitable walking sticks to increase leg support, which helps the body’s balance and stability of footwork.
  Changing position is slow. Many elderly people suffer from dizziness and dizziness due to the decline of heart function and degeneration of cerebral arteries, decreased blood vessel elasticity, decreased blood volume and blood oxygen content.
Therefore, when the elderly change their position, they must pay attention not to move too fast, not too large, not too long, to avoid dizziness, fainting or other problems.
  With slow meals, it is especially important for the elderly to pay attention to food safety in the case of general loss of vision, smell and taste.
When you eat, you should chew your food slowly, which will not only help digestion, but also avoid getting small foreign objects such as broken bones and fishbone stuck in the esophagus or choking into the trachea, causing serious consequences.
  Defecation should be slow. Elderly people are prone to constipation. If they rush too fast, the rectal mucosa and the edge of the anus can easily be broken.
In particular, elderly people suffering from arteriosclerosis, hypertension, and coronary heart disease, suddenly hold their breath when they defecate, which can easily lead to a sudden rise in blood pressure and induce cerebral hemorrhage. It is best to use a toilet to let it naturally resolve.

Chinese medicine to prevent flu

Chinese medicine to prevent flu

Traditional Chinese medicine has accumulated rich experience in the outbreak of influenza in clinical practice of traditional Chinese medicine, and its effect on the current cold (flu) is positive.

You may wish to try Chinese medicine to cure flu.

  Chinese medicine prevention 1, adults (1) mulberry leaves 10 grams white grass root 15 grams honeysuckle 12 grams Function: clearing heat and lungs, adapting to the crowd: complexion redness, oropharyngeal, dry nose, hi cool, slightly dry stool, yellow urine.

  Decoction method: 1 payment per day, water decoction.

Once in the morning and evening, it is advisable to pay 3-5.

  (2) 10 grams of Su Ye, 10 grams of Pelan, 10 grams of Chenpi, 10 grams of functions: spleen and dampness to adapt to the crowd: dull and dull, often bloating, bowel defecation method: 1 payment per day, water decoction.

Once in the morning and evening, it is advisable to pay 3-5.
  (3) Daqingye 5 grams of purple grass 5 grams of raw licorice 5 grams Function: detoxification and heat removal Applicable people: complexion redness, oropharynx, dry nose, hi cold, slightly dry stool, yellow urine

  Decoction method: 1 payment per day, water decoction.
Once in the morning and evening, it is advisable to pay 3-5.
  It is recommended that different people take 3 doses continuously under the guidance of a physician, and 3 to 5 doses can be taken during a cold epidemic.

Can be taken widely during the flu epidemic.

  2. Children’s Aquilegia 6g Su Ye 6g Silver Flower 10g Raw Hawthorn 10g Function: Clearing heat and stagnation Adaptation to the crowd: Children are easy to pinch and pinch.

Such children are prone to “getting angry”, have a sour tone, and have stinky or dry stools.

  Decoction method: 1 payment per day, water decoction.
Once in the morning and evening, it is advisable to pay 3-5.
  Attention should be paid to taking Chinese medicine to prevent colds: 1. The elderly and children should take appropriate reductions under the guidance of a physician; 2. Patients with chronic diseases and women’s menstrual periods should be used with caution after delivery and supplemented by pregnant women;Generally take 3-5 days; 4, if you feel unwell during or after taking, you should stop taking the medicine immediately and consult your doctor in time; 5, if you have a history of allergies to the above drugs, take caution with allergies;, Remedies and prescriptions.