T-zone purification theory easily removes blackheads_1

T-zone purification theory easily removes blackheads

As the temperature rises, the problem of disturbing blackheads becomes more prominent, and how can they be covered, foundations, concealers . These defective cover products are simply incapable of blackheads!

Is there really no way to fight blackheads?

of course not!

The only way to get rid of blackheads is to wipe them out!

Let ‘s look at the 4 tricks of the experts on purification theory of T zone-one of the purification theory: rubbing strategy tips: use cleansing oil or BABY oil on the nose to patiently rub, rub, rub, to achieve the effect of oil-soluble oil, let the cleansing oil transport pores deep, Rub out the blackheads!

  Testimonials: You can do it together when removing makeup, it is recommended for lazy people!

  This trick is exactly the way to prevent blackheads on weekdays. Anyway, when I go home to remove makeup, I squeeze a lot of cleansing oil at this time and focus on the nose. It is not troublesome. Watch TV and massage.

Massage in the order of “from the inside to the outside” and “from the bottom to the top”, and the “nasal groove” on both sides of the nose is the easiest to get oil and often cannot be cleaned. Use your index finger to push from the nostril to the nose a few timesTimes.

If you don’t have a cleansing oil, you can buy a bottle of Johnson & Johnson baby oil, which is economical and easy to use.

  This method is not effective, but it is easy to obtain materials and the method is simple. I personally think it is worth recommending.

After patiently rubbing, there must be yellow, white particles on the fingertips after staying.

  Expert tips: Can eliminate blackheads on the surface, but deep cleaning is not enough.

  Makeup remover is an oil-soluble cleansing product, while the body’s dirt breaks down into water and oil.

Sweat is “water-based dirt”, while oil and acne are “oily dirt”.

Cleansing oil can remove “oily dirt”, the effect is good, but it is powerless for water-based dirt.

In addition, makeup remover oil is difficult to reach deep in the pores, and the root cause of blackheads is completely eliminated. Therefore, with this method, it is necessary to cooperate with thorough and deep skin cleansing.

  Purification theory No. 2: Tips for pulling out the plan: Use the plant dew or essential oil products to make the blackheads automatically float out, and then use small tweezers to pull out the blackheads.

This is the method used by many beauty salons, which is gentle and enjoyable.

  Testimonials: Essential oils are effective, but pulling them out is not easy!

  In particular, I bought the hot black hair extract and pore shrinkage essence from the beauty forum on the beauty forum.

The taste of the derived solution is not very good and it is a little irritating to the eyes. Is it the essential oil as an active ingredient?

Okay, forbearance . After 10 minutes, I took off the cotton pad, and it turned out that there were too many white dots floating on my nose.

  But when I clamped those small points with tweezers, I found that it was too challenging for my eyesight.

I remembered a small tool I used to suck blackheads, but it didn’t work. I was blacklisted.

After using the blackhead generating fluid, use the pore cleaner to suck out the dirty things in the pores and laugh three times!

  Expert Tips: Not very applicable to people with small blackheads.

  Essential oil products have small molecules, high permeability, and natural ingredients with low sensitivity and low irritation, which are the best choices for softening keratin.

But if you want to deal with stubborn blackheads, the choice of essential oil products is very important. Don’t follow the trend blindly.

The method of removing blackheads is suitable for those with more severe blackheads. For people with small blackheads, this method is not very applicable.

When removing the blackhead, the tools such as tweezers used must be strictly disinfected, otherwise more dirt must be replaced to bring into the pores, and it is worth the loss.

  Purification Theory III: Washing Tips: FANCL Blackhead Mask, Green Clay, Queen Helen . These are all blackhead stars on the forum.

Use the mask to clean the deep pores, wash it off after washing, and you can get a clean nose!

  Testimonials: Step by step pores are clean, and blackheads run naturally!

  As a person with oily skin, green mud and FANCL black head mask have always been my must-have items.

I have also heard someone say that it doesn’t work. I can’t help but persuade him: “Blackheads don’t appear overnight, how can they disappear overnight?

“This time, I especially bought the recent hot Helen Queen Blackhead and Mint Mask on the Beauty Forum.

This inexpensive green mud mask has a minty fragrance of toothpaste, which is applied cold to the nose.

After 15 minutes, gently wash off and the pores become very clean.Although the blackheads did not disappear immediately, the color seemed to fade too much.

Cleansing mask is the best choice for all ages, traveling at home, and killing blackheads.

  Beauty professionals in Taiwan also recommend using a small, thin, sharp-pointed egg-shaped spoon to gently scrape blackheads when cleaning the mask, indicating that the mask is used as a medium, which does not hurt the skin, but I feel a bit scary and dare not tryHa ha.

  Expert Tips: Clean the mask to treat the specimen, dry skin is also suitable.

  Blackheads and acne are horny, and a cleansing mask can destroy its structure.

Clay and other ingredients can suck out the oils deep in the pores, which is both safe and effective.

People with dry skin do not have to refuse, just use a cleansing mask as a part around the nose.

  Purification Theory No. 4: Tear-off Tips: Use black nose or tear-type mask to remove blackheads!

The slight pain in turn makes people feel clean and happy, and sometimes even the blackheads that are torn off can be seen, which has a unique sense of accomplishment.

  Testimonials: It hurts a bit, but blackheads are reduced in an instant!

  The method is more “violent” nose patch and tear-off mask, I have not used it for a long time, this time in order to judge the beauty of the nose method, I opened it up!

Seriously, this approach is really “painful and happy.”

When tearing off the nose patch, tears came out.

But a few bigger blackheads disappeared on the tip of my nose immediately.

No wonder a friend has been unable to give up on the nose patch, it is really “fast and strong”.

  Relatively speaking, the effect of ZA blackhead mask is a little bit worse, the viscosity is not as good as the nose patch, but the pain is not weak.

After tearing, I applied the HR beauty liquid that shrinks the pores in time, but I didn’t feel my pores became larger, so it was not so scary.

  Expert Tips: It’s best to use emergency, don’t overlap.

  Nasal patches and tear-off masks are actually suitable for people with severe blackheads, or when you need to make your skin clean in a short period of time.

It is a forced removal of blackheads by external forces, so it works quickly.

However, it is not recommended for everyone to use it for a long time because it always tears the skin, which will weaken the ability of pores to open and close.

One word is advised: If you want to control blackheads, you should still focus on sustainable prevention, pay attention to cleanliness, and don’t just take care of yourself for a while.

Absorbing oil in time when the nose is out of the oil can also prevent blackheads. Don’t let oil accumulate on the nose.