Fennel includes fennel and cumin. The former belongs to the Magnoliaceae and the incidental belongs to the Umbelliferae.

This product is cumin from the umbelliferae family, also known as fragrant seaweed. It is called fennel. The young leaves are edible.

  The taste is spicy, sweet and warm.

  Mainly fennel brain, anisone, methylpiperonol, and aldehydes.

  It has the functions of strengthening the stomach, regulating qi, excitement, strong, prolactin, and eliminating kidney qi.

Applicable to small intestinal kidney disease, cold, abdominal pain, kidney pill swelling and pain, testicular sheath fluid, digestive relaxation and slow drooping.

  [小肠疝气,鼠蹊部胀垂,鞘膜积液]  小茴香15克,加食盐少许,炒至焦黄色,研为细末,然后以鸡蛋或鸭蛋两个,拌和煎炒,每晚临睡前Take one dose daily with warm rice wine, and even take four doses as a course of treatment. After taking a rest for 2-3 days, take another course of treatment.

  [妇女子宫前倾或后倾,月经病]  小茴香12克(炒研细),当归12克,积壳15克,水煎,去渣分2次服,服时另冲入小茴香末6G, 4-5 doses before each menstrual cramp.

  [寒疝小腹病]  小茴香、橘子核、山楂肉等分,各炒研细末,混和,每服6克,一日2-3次,温黄酒送下。  [慢性胃炎,胃弛缓下垂,脾闷饱胀]  小茴香(炒)、石菖蒲根、帜壳各60克,烧酒1000克,浸泡10天后,每日2次,饭后适量饮服。  [茴虫腹痛]  小茴香根、南瓜子等分,焙燥研末,早起空腹服下,每服9克,每日一次,连服3天。