Hidden psychological secrets of couples birthday differences

Hidden psychological secrets of couples birthday differences

Core tip: What is your relationship with his birthday?

Which contains some form of psychological secret?

Come try it, maybe there is a surprise.

Manifestation: Female is born on “9” day in November and male is born on “24” day in October, then our gap is 24-9 = 15 stops.

Or if the girl is on the 20th birthday and the boy is on the 1st birthday, then our gap is 20-1 = 19 stops.

  The best partner at 0 stations is 80 points. You are like-minded couples, but because the isomorphism is too high, sometimes it can be a little stuffy. The medicament is to completely create some interesting life.As soon as you see each other, you have a hard time giving up, what are you waiting for!

It ‘s better to act immediately. The two stations use each other 35 points each other. When they love each other, they will evaluate each other ‘s benefits and losses. Once there are disadvantages and no benefits, the two ‘s relationship ends. The three stations suspect each other 25 points.As soon as the wind blows, they will think about the bad place, and the other side is lazy to explain. In this way, sooner or later, they will break up 4 stations and stand for 70 minutes. The two will meet by accident, and they will be surrounded by love, and they will see each other more and more.

  Five motivated couples 80 points Two people can encourage each other, motivated, happiness is just around the corner.

  Fortunate couples at 6 stations will begin to interact with each other at 90 minutes, and will bring good luck to each other. The relationship will last long if you love each other.

  The 7 stations accept 45 points each other. The two people are not pleasing to each other. Sometimes they will express their dissatisfaction with each other in a half-joking way, but they will still be in love with each other. 8 stations will be happy after 55 points. The man will please the woman in a timely manner.Makes girls feel so sweet, everything is shared by the man.

But sometimes things are reversed, and you feel like you have no value?
Nine stations are nearly 60 minutes away. Both parties have different personalities and different ideas, but they can become lovers. The two parties need to relocate to each other to live a sweet life.

  25 couples in 10 stations and two of them are douche couples. The two sides often hold opposite opinions. It is a miracle to be together for a long time.

  At 11 stations, it was plain to see that the true feelings were 80 minutes. The relationship between the two was thin and long-flowing, and the good ending may be very high.

  The 12 stations received 15 minutes of airbags. One side was very emotional and ignored others, and the other side had a good temper to endure.

  The 13 stations are like 50% of love and non-love. The two sides are different, but they have a strong attraction to each other. They have a fresh feeling at the beginning, but they still have to work hard. 14 stations do not match 10 points. The two are close to the water andFire, eight poles ca n’t hit, I do n’t know how to get together, the glory of love does not mean eternal 15 stations, sister, lover, 70 points, the woman is not confident, everything is based on her boyfriend, where the boyfriend is the main, sometimes the other party feels a little bitAnnoyed the 16 strong and weak combination of 45 points. The man is the leader, and the woman is willing to be a birdie girl. The 17 points break up and the 20 points break. The two cannot find the same point.

The only reasonable way is to fully believe in each other’s 18 stations obsessed with lovers 30 minutes the man said that the moon is square, the woman also nodded and said that it was irrational to talk about the 19 stations master-slave relationship 60 points The two sides need to be able to understand that love is trustWith interdependence, love has a turning point. 20 stations will change their hearts. Inevitably 45 minutes, they will accept each other when they are in love. Once they change their hearts, they will not be able to save 21 stations. Fate 15 minutes. The two are together like a wormy apple.Compromise everything 22 stations Perfect lover 85 points When the woman sees the man, she will be overwhelmed by the rich knowledge and life experience of the other party, and the 23 stations that fall in love with each other will leave early and get better 5 points.Only to let you be together. The relationship between the two is difficult. There are 24 stations to lie to, a lover, 65 points, 25 stations to know your friends, and 15 points. The relationship between the two cannot be regarded as love, but you can only say that you are friends who respect each other.像白开水一样,淡而无味26个站欢喜冤家55分小俩口一见面就吵,越吵感情越好,不过有时也要互相学习尊重喔  27个站 人间绝配 80分  最佳情侣组合,令People envy.
Both sides are thinking about each other, admiring each other 28 violent couples standing 30 minutes apart, the two mouths are always noisy, sometimes not only hurting people, they will fight each other, feeling instability like a tightrope, 29 points, 60 pointsThere are many twists and turns in the relationship, and the relationship between Chengri and your lover. Sometimes a triangle relationship may occur, which may cause friends around you to worry about you. 30 stations are super clean and 80 points. Although no one is optimistic about your relationship, you are inAmong them, enjoy every minute of the glory of love