[How to save the leftover watermelon]_Save method_How to save

[How to save the leftover watermelon]_Save method_How to save

When summer comes, watermelon is the favorite thing people eat.

Watermelon also has a lot of benefits, just like watermelon can reasonably release stress and relieve just fatigue.

Furthermore, watermelon can also help urinate and defecate.

However, one may not finish eating watermelon in summer, so how to save the leftover watermelon is a question worth thinking about.

Here are a few ways to save watermelon.

The first is that you can refrigerate the watermelon after it is eaten, and you can store it in the refrigerator when you ca n’t finish it. The specific method is to put a layer of plastic wrap on the surface of the cut watermelon and put it in the refrigerator’s refrigerator.This way, watermelon can be preserved for about one day without deterioration, and it is relatively fresh when taken out, but here we remind everyone that the knife should be clean when cutting watermelon, otherwise the bacteria on the knife will stick to the surface of watermelon, and the bacteria will also be stored in the refrigeratorBreeding will induce watermelon spoilage.

The second type is cut watermelon. Freshly cut watermelon can only be stored in the refrigerator when stored at room temperature. However, the taste will change when you take it out, which makes people feel less fresh.

In fact, cut watermelons are kept freshest at room temperature.

When saving, you need a pot of fresh cold water, and then put the cut watermelon into the water, the amount of water should not be too much, let the watermelon float on the water, and then change the water three to four times a day, so the saved watermelon on the next dayIt feels particularly fresh when eaten.

The first is the disadvantages of low-temperature preservation of watermelons. Although the refrigerator freezer can save the cut watermelon so that it does not spoil, some nutrients in watermelon will be lost in large quantities at low temperatures, especially some natural antioxidants.The ingredients are more convenient. If you want to better absorb the nutritional ingredients in watermelon, we recommend that you don’t plan to be comfortable in the summer and eat refrigerated ice watermelon.

It is important to note that cling film is not a panacea.

Sometimes air leaks in and brings in bacteria.

Experts remind that it is best not to put the cut watermelon in the refrigerator for more than 12 hours, and the longest should not exceed 24 hours.